Obama’s non-random evolution

Paul K. writes:

This is off topic, but I thought of you during that long period when Obama was saying that his view on gay marriage was “evolving.” If it were truly evolving, wouldn’t that require a random element? For example, his views could have evolved to produce a belief that men should be allowed to marry male salmon, but not other men. However, the process Obama went through was clearly teleological rather than random, in that he knew his desired outcome and did what was necessary to achieve it. Thus it was the product of intelligent design rather than evolution.

Yes, thoughts like this do run through my mind.

LA replies:

But true evolution (not the fraudulent, non-existent Darwinian kind) is teleological. It is the unfolding of inborn potentialities, whether in a person, or an artistic or political movement, or in a culture, or in a biological life-form. When Obama said his view was evolving, he was speaking of this type of evolution. His true nature as a liberal was teleologically pulling him toward approval of same-sex “marriage.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 30, 2012 08:42 PM | Send

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