Another case of sudden minority murder syndrome

Shareef Allman, an employee at a quarry in northern California, walked into a daily safety meeting at the quarry early this morning and began shooting his co-workers. He shot eight and killed two. It sounds like a replay of Omar Thornton’s mass murder of eight of his co-workers and supervisors at Hartford Beer Distributors in Connecticut in August 2010. Then Allman fled, shooting a woman in the leg and attempting unsuccessfully to steal her car. He is still at large, assumed armed and dangerous.

The suspect in this morning’s workplace shooting in Cupertino
has been identified as Shareef Allman of San Jose.

The name Shareef probably does not indicate that the shooter is a Muslim. He is 45 years old, therefore born in late 1965 or ‘66. My guess is that his mother named him after Omar Sharif, whose major starring role was in Doctor Zhivago which came out in 1965. (By the way, if we combine Allman’s first name with the first name of Omar Thornton, we get Omar Shareef.)


Kathlene M. writes:

The murder is shocking because it’s in relatively safe Cupertino where Apple Computer is headquartered. (As an aside, Cupertino used to be predominantly white but is now predominantly Asian.)

The suspect Shareef Allman was described by employees as “disgruntled.”

LA replies:

There’s another connection with Omar Thornton, who was angry because he was facing dismissal for having stolen from the company.

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Mark Jaws, who sent the first linked story, writes:

This is very unfortunate. Our welfare system combined with liberal control of the media have contributed to the rise of a generation of young black men who are not only unemployable, but worse - a menace to their co-workers.

Kathlene M. writes:

Looks like the victims so far are Hispanic, so this is somewhat different from the Omar Thornton killings. This workplace probably has many Hispanics as do most blue collar jobs out here. Sounds like Shareef became angry about something to do with work. Here’s what one relative of two shooting victims said:

Fred Romero, whose two brothers were injured in the shooting, came up from Gilroy after getting a phone call at 4 a.m. “saying there had been an incident at the quarry.”

When they arrived, they learned one of the brothers had been killed and the other was on his way to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

“Both of my brothers were long-term employees,” Romero told NBC 11, asking that his brothers’ names be withheld. “Both of them were union safety leaders.”

“They were in a safety meeting at 4 a.m. and things escalated out of control. It’s been an ongoing situation, a labor dispute.

Romero told NBC 11 that the dispute was over budget cuts and hours, because there’s been a slowdown in construction.

… One of the dead is Mark Munoz, according to Carmen Rodriguez, who told reporter she was his sister-in-law.

Kathlene M. continues:

This is from the earlier Mercury News link I’d sent:

11:17 a.m.: Supervisor says Allman felt people were ‘out to get him’

A supervisor at Lehigh, who asked not to be named, said Shareef Allman was likable, but had recent issues at work. Allman felt people “were out to get him at work” and that sometimes he felt it was racially motivated.

This is second-hand information but considering that (so far) only Hispanic victims have been identified, it’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds.

Paul M. writes:

More likely it is another case of “Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Justice.”

Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Justice: the willful deliberate elimination of one or more Racists (White Supremacists), through death, and the willful and deliberate elimination of self, through death, by a victim of racism (non-white person), acting alone, acting according to a detailed plan, and acting only after he or she has judged that he or she can no longer endure the effects of Racism and/or that he or she is no longer able to effectively promote justice, except by eliminating one or more Racists, and by eliminating his or her self, as a subject to the racists.”

Neely Fuller, Jr.



A Textbook / Workbook for Thought, Speech and/or Action for Victims of Racism (White Supremacy) by Neely Fuller Jr.

Omar Thornton’s murder/suicide was a classic case of MECJ. We’ll have to see if Allman goes through with the suicide part.

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