Correction of Horowitz’s “correction”

David Horowitz has a blog entry, as well as an editorial note appended to my week-old article on interracial rape, which is headlined:

Correction. Auster’s statistics were wrong but his point about liberal hypocrisy was not

I’ve posted a comment to my own article explaining that the statement “Auster’s statistics were wrong” is incorrect, since they were not my statistics. For some reason it’s hard for folks to understand that I wrote the article in the capacity not of a crime victimization researcher but of a reader of a government table. In that capacity, I accurately reported the figures in the Department of Justice table and told readers where to find the document and the table so they could check out the data for themselves. The fact that one particular figure in the table was misleading is another question. Of the numbers in the table that I accurately reported, the only one that requires emendation is that the number of “white”-on-black sexual assaults and rapes was close to zero in 2005. Meanwhile, the huge number of black-on-white sexual assaults and rapes in 2005, a figure so large that it can only mean that black rapists deliberately seek out white women as their targets, which was the main point of the article, has not been challenged by anyone on the left or the right. Nor has anyone on the left refuted my statement that the mainstream media systematically cover up this endemic phenomenon of large-scale black-on-white rape, even as the media automatically accept as true, and trumpet to the skies, blatantly false charges against white men for raping black women.

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Conservative Swede writes:

Correction? The description by Horowitz makes it sound as if you had done something wrong. Instead you should have been commended in that Editor’s note that he’s now published on top of your article in words like these: “Not only did Auster write this interesting article, but he also encouraged penetrating and open debate about it at his site, and, thus, here is more information about the issue provided by VFR (link).”

Thucydides writes:

Re your situation with David Horowitz, I think he is coming off very poorly. He now gives you credit at his Front Page blog for correcting your post on the black on white rape statistics, but fails to explain that even though the survey was not a comprehensive statistical account of crime, it was nevertheless very large scale and essentially confirmed your point that nearly all interracial rape is black on white, and almost none vice versa. At the same time, he claims he has not read your posts.

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