Twenty minutes after thug brutally attacked Barnard student in Riverside Park, he attacked another woman in the same park

And guess what? The second victim, Janice Blumenfeld, an administrator at Yeshiva University, didn’t report the attack to the police at the time. She only went to the police four days later, after the news about the attack on Barnard student Marisa Cortright came out and Blumenfeld saw the resemblance between the police sketch of the suspect in the first attack and the man who had attacked her.

What public spiritedness! I guess Blumenfeld was so reluctant to tell the authorities that a black man had come up behind her while she was walking her dog, punched her in the back of the head, thrown her to the ground, and kicked her in the stomach, a tale that would confirm “racist” stereotypes that good New York liberals must avoid at all costs, that she preferred to remain silent about the crime and not put the community on alert that this danger existed in the neighborhood.

The story is in today’s New York Post:

Another Riverside Park beating victim comes forward
July 10, 2010

The hulking thug who brutalized a bubbly Barnard College student in Riverside Park is believed to have attacked a second woman walking her dog there just 20 minutes later, cops said yesterday.

Jan Blumenfeld, 48, senior director of operations for Yeshiva University, came forward only after hearing the news Wednesday night about 19-year-old freshman Marisa Cortright’s similarly horrific ordeal, sources said.

Blumenfeld was walking her dog at around 6:20 a.m. near West 98th Street and Riverside Drive when she was punched in the back of the head, thrown to the ground,, and kicked in the stomach.

“She told me she didn’t even know anybody was behind her,” said Blumenfeld’s neighbor, Stephanie Kob. “She said he didn’t take anything from her. He was out to hurt her.”

Blumenfeld didn’t report the incident, and was treated by her doctor, Kob added.

But when she saw a report of the attack on Cortright—who was assaulted at 6 a.m. at the West 120th Street tennis courts while wearing an iPod—as well as a sketch of a person of interest in that case, she noticed the similarities and notified police Wednesday night.

Thursday, Blumenfeld met at her home with investigators and a police sketch artist, a source said.

“Police took her clothes to see if there was any DNA,” said Kob. “She was lucky, when you find out what happened to the other woman.”

The attacker is described as a 5-foot-8, thin black man with black hair, sporting blue shorts with blue and white boxers. The first victim described her attacker as considerably heavier.

Though the assaults happened in different precincts, detectives immediately believed they were the work of one man, and began a joint investigation, sources said.

The NYPD press office released a sketch of the suspect in Blumenfeld’s case yesterday morning, but did not mention the link between the attacks. It wasn’t until media inquiries that the department confirmed it is investigating the cases jointly.

“While we can’t say definitively that the same person was responsible for both attacks, that is the investigative premise and it has been since the second victim was interviewed,” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said.

The attack on Cortright left her hospitalized in St. Luke’s Hospital with bleeding on the brain, a fractured cheekbone, and facial cuts. Blumenfeld suffered bruising on her back and head, and was told to get an MRI.

Additional detectives from other precincts have been called in to work the case, conducting canvasses and reviewing surveillance videos from the area, sources said.

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Mark Jaws writes:

This propensity of liberal white females not to report crimes to police for fear of having to describe the race of their attackers, raises an interesting second order effect. Black assaults on whites may be considerably underreported, and blacks may be even more dangerous to us than currently estimated.

Karl D. writes:

It makes one wonder how many of these crimes go unreported by liberal victims? Could it be that in the depths of their minds the mere act of reporting to the police would be a “racist” act? I would love to be a fly on the wall of a liberal’s brain after she became a victim of a black crime.

LA replies:

Karl wrote: “Could it be that in the depths of their minds the mere act of reporting to the police would be a ‘racist’ act?”


LA continues:

Now people may wonder, if Blumenfeld didn’t report the crime initially, out of fear of seeming racist, why did she change her mind and report it? Because now that there were two crimes pointing to the same black suspect, the onus would no longer be on her for reporting a black savage on the loose.

David B. writes:

I just read your post on the second assault on a woman in Riverside Park. My feeling is that the different descriptions (the suspect in the first attack is described as 6’2”“, the suspect in the second attack as 5’8”) may well mean that there are two attackers. It’s not as if plenty of black thugs are not around.

Regarding the reluctance of the second victim to report it, I agree that she was afraid it would be “racist.” This is why liberals are reluctant to give any publicity to black on white crime. In their words, it creates creates “stereotypes” and “perceptions.”

LA replies:

Yes. In their minds, to report black violence would be to justify white negative attitudes towards blacks which it is America’s sacred mission to overcome.

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