Liberal chickens coming home to roost?

Karl D. writes:

I read these two stories in the June 18 Daily Mail and just had to send them to you. The first comes from the UK. An openly gay police officer who won the title of “Mr. Gay 2006” has been charged with male rape. Look at the photos of this man. He is not content to be a police officer who happens to be gay. His appearance screams “I am gay! Accept it or p*ss off!”

The second story is just delicious. It seems the eighteen year old daughter of uber liberal Warren Beatty and Annette Benning now considers herself to be male. She dresses as a male, has re-named herself Stephen and is planning a sex change operation. Beatty is said to be “devastated”. As it seems was Cher when her daughter Chastity Bono went the same way. Oh the hypocrisy and Karma of it all.

LA replies:

Midge Decter wrote a book in the 1970s called Liberal Parents, Radical Children. Guess we have to update that to Liberal Parents, Transgendered Children.

- end of initial entry -

Laura Wood writes:

Liberal Parents, Transgendered Children.” That is very funny.

It’s interesting to see liberal parents deal with the openly, indeed exuberantly homosexual lifestyle of their children. Most parents want grandchildren, and liberal parents are no different, absolutely no different, in this regard. This is where their enthusiasms for the utopian scheme wane. Sure, they embrace the girlfriends of their daughters and the boyfriends of their sons, but the conviction isn’t there anymore. There’s a hollowness in their gestures, as if they are just going through the motions. They are seeing the true end of their beliefs. Where there might be a future, another generation, a blood tie with time, there is an ellipsis.

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