To snow-paralyzed city, King Bloomberg says, “Let them see plays.”

A commenter at says that Mayor Bloomberg is responsible for the city’s dysfunction in the wake of the snow storm:

Mike Bloomberg’s NY 2010 in a snowstorm. Not the biggest snowstorm the City has ever had. But, people stranded in a subway for 8 hours; people unable to get to subway platforms because stairs and platforms remain unshoveled; EMS virtually non-existent; firetrucks stuck; side streets unpassable with no plows in sight; Sanitation Department idiots wrecking two cars as they try get a plow out of a snow bank. And what does Bloomberg say; the storm is a minor inconvenience so people should go shopping, go to a Broadway play. If you lived in one of the outer boroughs where subways were not running and buses were stranded, you couldn’t even shop for a container of milk. This clown is so arrogant and focusing on what people are eating and bike lanes he has totally abdicated his role as a serious manager. Imagine another terrorist attack. The City knew a storm was coming, even if the forecasters blew the forecast, but the City needs to be prepared for things that happen unexpectedly. And this little test Mr. Bloomberg showed you criminally lacking. In Giuliani’s first few months as Mayor, he was hit with back to back serious snow storms and the city streets were plowed; trains were running and the City was in much better shape. And that was in his first few months. After two full terms and starting his third term Bloomberg’s NY is in a real mess. The guy is an arrogant jerk.

Another commenter writes:

I got so tired of hearing about the blizzard yesterday (how many news people can you stand seeing standing in the middle of a snow drift somewhere?) that I was really yearning for a JonBenet Ramsey or a Drew Pearson update.

I agree that is a problem. But the only solution is not to watch television.

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