The Kerner Commission Report—the Bible of Black-Run America?

Paul Kersey writes:

The more I read the 1967 Kerner Commission Report, issued in the wake of the nation-wide black riots of that time, the more I see it as the source of our current racial paradigm.

The Report blamed all black dysfunction on white racism, blamed all the social ills created by blacks on white racism, and blamed the black riots on white racism.

The thinking of the Kerner Report still determines the establishment’s view of black dysfunction. I write about it here.

Now over the past few days Drudge has been reporting the numerous black threats of riots if Obama loses. But there’s more to the story. The general white population of America—those who do the living and dying, abide by the law and pay the taxes to keep this nation afloat—realize that the Kerner Report’s findings are bunk. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t keep moving from one suburb to the next when blacks arrive. Instead they’d welcome the property value-raising diversity that black neighbors bring.

Meaning that if there are black riots, the general white population will no longer buy the line that white racism is at fault.

The establishment, however, remains dedicated to the World According to Kerner.

What, then, will be the establishment’s response if there are riots? Remember that George Romney was governor of Michigan when Detroit burned in 1967. I believe Mitt, then twenty, toured with his father the devastation wrought by the black rioters.

LA replies:

I would say that if Romney wins the election, John G.’s scenario, also posted today, of an increase in the usual black-on-white violence, rather than large-scale riots, is more likely. I can’t see blacks being that passionate about Obamaman that they start burning cities for his sake.

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