The omnipresent maximum leader

Ray G. writes from Dearborn:

Obama’s Marketing Strategy

Obama’s strategy is to saturate the media with his face and voice. He’s everywhere, all the time. You stay up late at night and he’s on late night talk shows, you wake up in the morning and he’s being interviewed on the morning talk shows like Good Morning America and the Today Show. It’s never ending. He’s on MTV. He’s on ESPN. His image is on the supplements in the Sunday paper, etc.

It’s a technique. A very old technique. You see it in countries where there is a king or dictator—for real. The leader is omnipresent. Assuring, scolding, comforting, threatening, that’s the point. He acts like a petty dictator. He’s our first American dictator. And even if he gets a second term and then leaves office he’s set the ‘new’ standard. We will never elect a limited government conservative again. (Not that we’ve had one in a while.)

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