For first time, Limbaugh brings race into the immigration debate

According to a listener, Rush Limbaugh today said in bold and forthright terms that as the white percentage of the U.S. population continues to decline due to the increased nonwhite population resulting from immigration, that will be bad for the Republican party. Limbaugh also said, “Keep in mind, I’m talking about the effect it will have politically.” I interpret this to mean that Limbaugh did not want to say that the white majority character of America matters in itself; but that he does feel it matters in terms of the survival of the Republican party and of conservatism.

There’s Slow Limbaugh for you, the man on the caboose of societal evolution. Imagine how different things might have been if, instead of waiting until now, when the country was on the brink of passing the Comprehensive National Suicide Act, he had, with his enormous influence, started making this important and obvious argument 15 years ago.

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Stephen F. writes:

Like the reader who talked about the “car wreck” I can’t say that I always leave my daily view of VFR feeling cheered up.

But it is fascinating that we’re seeing this response to S.1348! Rush, Ann C., O’Reilly all using the word “white”! (And the Derb—who, secretly, still reads American Renaissance—barely able to restrain himself from doing so.) Thank you for showing us these figments of promise for a change in the terms of the debate. There really was something quite cheering about these signs, even though one knows that we still face many setbacks before seeing real change. The worst thing is not danger, or unpleasantness, or poverty, but a lack of hope.

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