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I’ve discussed many times (e.g. here and here) how women’s liberation, and particularly the placement of women in prominent leadership positions where they are no longer subject to the standards of the former dominant male public culture, results inevitably in the extreme degradation of leadership, because female vanity becomes the main thing rather than seriousness about the job at hand. In the same way, black liberation results in the extreme degradation of sportsmanship. Black liberation means, not just that blacks have the same political and civil rights as whites, but that blacks are no longer subject to the standards of the former dominant white culture. It means that blacks are free to be themselves. And when blacks are free to be themselves, well … take a look at the U.S. women’s basketball team after they won the Olympics gold medal.

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Richard S. writes:

Come on, those young girls are just having a bit of fun! We’ve just finished the games at the top of the medals table (thanks in no small part to the Men’s and Women’s US basketball teams plus our phenomenal track stars), must you be so dour about everything?

There’ll be a proper time to analyze any possible degradation of culture. This is not that time. Tonight, we celebrate.

LA replies:

You celebrate what? That America’s teams won the most gold medals? Why do you care? What does America represent to you? What is the America that you celebrate? Why would you celebrate an America that looks like that picture? What does it mean to you? I don’t celebrate it, and I don’t care, because, as I have explained, the Olympics as such are a negative, toxic event. So it’s not a matter of my being dour, or of my being dour over “too many” things. I’m saying that the thing itself is bad, notwithstanding noteworthy individual achievements.

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