Sweden’s way of conceptualizing equality

LN writes from Sweden:

To all readers of View from the right, and specially to those who read Scandinavian!

Just now the beloved Swedish BABBLE-theme is about the “equal value of all living persons” assertion (allas lika värde). It is daily being nagged about in the media, from the politicians’ and some clerics’ mouths and among all the politically correct fools in town and out in the boondocks. “Don’t imagine yourself having a greater value than me—we are all equally valuable!” Those brave pariah figures who feel dubious about this assertion and object to it, as a rule are resolutely called Swedendemocrats, and/or racists, and/or nazis. Referring to the argument of the “equal value of all persons” multiculturalism, massimmigration, and massimportation of gipsies from all around Europe is motivated and explained. This industrious valuation-BABBLE originates from the silly-nation-of-Sweden’s constitution, which in part is based on an embarrassingly stupid mistranslation from English of a part of the now 60 years old Universal Declaration of Human rights, in which the phrase about “human dignity” has been transformed into the unintelligible concept “value of humans.” Subsequent Swedish rubber paragraph legislation of the kind that elsewhere is used in trying to convict Geert Wilders and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is in Sweden of course based on the same incomprehensible valuation arguments in the constitution.

On the following link you can read about it—in Swedish only, sorry—in the probabely most importent document of the year/decade(?).

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