The modern American “conservative” family

A reader sent me this description of the “Modern American Conservative family”:

Papa: George W. Bush. Personally believes in God but does not let that affect his work. Believes “freedom” to be the key principle overriding all others—valid for Iraq/Muslims as well as America. Other principles are unimportant.

Mama: Laura Bush. An ex-teacher and librarian who believes all children should get an equal chance through education and practices that mantra each day. Typical brainless “conservative” female whose educational mantra set the liberal agenda in the ’50s on its way to what we have today.

Daughters: From the union above of brain-dead conservatists, wear tight pants to show their rears, can bearly pass school, and drink “like all teens”.

Grandpapa … is actually a liberal heart in a conservative fur…

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 12, 2004 07:00 PM | Send

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