Who’s manning the front lines in the hell on earth that is underclass black America?

Dean Ericson writes:

In part one of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s series, “Assault on Learning” (part three of which is discussed in the previous entry), there is a video showing an attack on a student by a girl gang that swarms into a classroom and beats the student while the teacher is there. That teacher is interviewed along with the teacher across the hall. So who are the teachers sent to keep discipline in all-black high schools? Here they are:




Irv P. writes:

I was one of those “manning the front lines in the hell on earth that is underclass black America.” I want to make a short comment now, and perhaps a longer one later today. Regardless of what I say, I can never do justice to how bad things really are. You have to experience inner city schools to have any idea of what is going on.

The sooner white people realize that working in these schools is prolonging this horrible state of affairs, the sooner we may turn a corner and begin to regain control of one of America’s most important institutions. Right now, white teachers and administrators are just cleaning up “their (blacks’) mess”. If whites would just get out, it wouldn’t take long for the whole thing to implode and the mess would hit the fan. What is described in Philadelphia is true of New York, is true of … you fill in the city! Without whites to cover up the madness in these hell holes, America will learn what I’ve now known for 40 plus years. “In your wildest dreams, you could never imagine what went on today.”

It’s an embarrassment to say I made my living doing what I did. No person with a shred of self respect would subject himself to these environments. My professional life was truly wasted!

LA replies:

Irv’s comment is another illustration of the continuing relevance of the plot of Atlas Shrugged, which even people who reject Rand’s philosophy (such as myself) ought to appreciate. In that novel, the productive people one by one drop out and disappear, ultimately leading to the crash of the society. They drop out when they realize that the greater their heroic efforts to keep the system going, the more they are hated and punished for it by the government looters.

The relation of productive people to government looters in Atlas Shrugged is analogous to the relation of productive and law-abiding whites to many blacks and Third Worlders, as well as their liberal facilitators, in contemporary America.

James P. writes:

Dean Ericson asks,

“So who are the teachers sent to keep discipline in all-black high schools?”

And then he shows us pictures of two vapid-looking white liberal females.

Unfortunately, it would not matter if the teachers were huge, powerful, intimidating males, because even such teachers are forbidden to intervene in student fights, and the students know this.

I think you will like this excerpt from a story about a white male teacher in Philadelphia who was punched (breaking his neck) for confiscating an iPod:

A few years earlier, I had surveyed my classes after there had been a few minor assaults on teachers, mostly white teachers. I asked the kids to rank, in order, whom they were most likely to listen to among four categories: men, women, black and white. I wasn’t surprised by their answers. They respected and would obey a black woman first, a black man second, a white woman third, and a white man last. Of course, they qualified it by saying that not everyone fit into that pattern, but as a rule, that was the pecking order.

They attack the people they have been taught not to respect. Surprise, surprise!

Mark A. writes:

Irv P. said it would be best if we let the system “collapse.” What does this mean exactly? In Philadelphia, the worse the public schools get, the more outcry there is (which is successful) for school “vouchers.” This results in the blacks getting bussed to brand new “charter” schools to trash. The Philadelphia Archdiocese, in its sheer stupidity, also has “open enrollment” which allows children to choose whichever school they want to go to regardless of where they live in the city. More schools to trash.

I cannot sympathize with Irv enough. God bless you for taking that kind of abuse. I cannot imagine. However, I beg to ask: are we better off if the system collapses? What will blacks demand then? I fear that they’ll demand some type of new busing system and will go trash the ‘burbs. As a corollary, the housing project system (wisely) kept blacks in one place. This was replaced by the Section 8 housing voucher program and now suburbs all across America are being turned into war zones. Call me cruel, but I’d rather keep our problems “in one place.”

April 21

Irv P. writes:

Mark A. says I am suggesting that we let the system “collapse.” His word, not mine.

I’m pointing out that whites are propping up an uncivilized situation which the public is not really aware of. What I said was, “If whites would just get out, it wouldn’t take long for the whole thing to implode, and the mess would hit the fan.” I’m saying to white educators, “Stop making it look as though this is working. You gave away the keys to the asylum. You’ll only get them back if you let reality run its course.”

What I’m calling implosion, is not the same as collapse. Whites are keeping a lid on things in these “schools.” If it were only blacks who were responsible for the day to day operations, the violence would get to proportions that would make the “mess” hit those responsible for all to see. The public wouldn’t be able to avoid it anymore. When I say violence, I’m foreseeing the black adults blowing their collective gaskets. The little darlings will be the ones getting pummeled as well as their “mentors.”

I can’t tell you exactly how things would play out in the long run. I’m not smart enough to know every cause and effect. I do know that fear is a sure recipe for disaster. Your fear of chaos coming to the ‘burbs suggests we allow an insane situation to continue. When are we going to stand up and say, “This is our culture. This is what we expect in our civilization. This is what we expect for our tax dollars. No, you can’t do that here. WE ARE IN CHARGE.”

As long as we clean up their mess, that will never happen. I know, I spent my whole adult professional life as a mess cleaner extraordinaire!

Irv P. continues:

Right after sending my reply to Mark A., I went to VFR and saw Chris K.’s prediction about blacks rising up in violence when government benefits run out. I have a quick follow up comment.

The fears of instability in our body politic create all sorts of bad policy decisions. We have to stop letting fear be our guide. We must state the truth as we see it. We have been guilty of avoiding seeing what stares us right in the face, for far too long.

We have to have confidence in our ability to do the right thing if we are honest with ourselves.

As Lawrence has been pointing out for ages, whites must reassert their moral authority over this civilization or it is doomed.

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