Feder blasts Rice—at FrontPage Magazine

Over the last couple of years, the minority of conservatives not under the spell of Bushism have been increasingly indignant at Condoleezza Rice for her extravagant, unqualified praise for Muslims and her glowing endorsement of every supposed move toward “democracy” in the Muslim world, no matter how extremist and murderous the aborning “democrats” really were. On a more specific point, I have been outraged at Rice’s cheap equation between Iraq’s troubles in attaining democracy (the trouble being in fact that Iraq is a backward, tribal, Shi’ite-majority, sharia-believing country and thus totally incompatible with democracy) and America’s supposed past and present failures to be truly democratic, a repulsive comparison she has exacerbated with her narcissistic portrayal of her own rise to eminence as the ultimate proof that America, despite its supposed ongoing racism, can nevertheless be decent, if it really tries. Thus she becomes the embodiment of virtue, and America the embodiment of guilt, a guilt from which America earns a conditional reprieve by elevating her to the office of Secretary of State. Most conservative opinion-makers, who should have been offended by Rice’s self-serving denigrations of the U.S., were silent, either from the usual conservative insensibility, or from a desire not to step on the toes of America’s reigning BAP.

Now Don Feder, who has faulted Rice in the past, is harshly criticizing her analogy between America and Muslim jihadists, and, moreover, he’s doing it at the very pro-Bush FrontPage Magazine. Feder writes:

To compare Washington, Adams and Jefferson to Arafat, Abbas and the mad bombers of Hamas is kinky, to say the least. Our Founding Fathers were men of learning, achievement and discernment, not a gang of Allah-intoxicated savages. They demonstrated their courage by pledging their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, not by turning mothers and children into smoldering lumps of mangled flesh.

Feder continues in rare form:

In her speech to the American Palestinian Task Force, Rice described Palestinian statehood as the impossible dream that we must dare to dream nonetheless.

It’s more like the inevitable nightmare. Everyone wants it. Its boosters include Tony Blair, the European Union, the UN, Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush, the Saudis, the Arab League, the Conference of Islamic Organizations, al Qaeda, Iranian mullahs, Bashar Assad, etc., etc. At least half of Israel, including the Olmert government, is willing to go along with it.

The two-state solution is a one-state solution in disguise.

And finally this priceless line by Feder, reminding us of Rice’s vile linking of the Palestinians’ terrorist movement for statehood (i.e. their movement for the destruction of the state of Israel) and the American struggle for Independence:

Who knows, perhaps Abbas and company will erect a statue of Secretary Rice (their Marquis de Lafayette) in the future Palestinian state – just after they demolish the Knesset and Western wall, turn Yad Vashem into a mosque and drive the Jews into the sea.

By the way, I have a theory about Rice. Remember Mary McCarthy’s famous remark that everything Lillian Hellman wrote was a lie, even “an” and “the”? Well, my theory about Rice is that everything she says—all her atrocious sucking up to Muslims, all her cheap put-downs of America (not to mention her constant promotion of herself as the living proof of America’s attempt to overcome its sinfulness)—is motivated by vanity.

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A reader writes:

Feder had an article on Condi in October 2005, posted at Free Republic, blasting her for her “crescent-kissing” speech at a Ramadan dinner. The Free Republic thread has some good comments and photos.

LA replies:

Yes, as we can tell from the FR comments, the bloom was definitely off Rice a year ago, at least among the more alive and awake conservatives. But she just sails on and on.

Also, for some reason I especially like this comment:

Behead me again—it feels so good when you stop!

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