Palin is likely running

Over at Big Government, they’re saying it’s almost a certainty that Sarah Palin has decided to run for president and that she will announce on September 3. Well, since George Pataki is also reported to be seriously considering running, why not add two totally unqualified candidates to the race?

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JC in Houston writes:

Look at all the comments on the Big Government article. The Palinbots are out in force. You’d think it’s the Second Coming of the Messiah who will save us all.

Dan R. writes:

Bottom line: if she doesn’t run her stock inevitably goes down. How thin it would wear if she begs off of competing in an open primary. Meanwhile, if she does run, she at least stands a chance of maintaining the value of her stock, and she probably doesn’t even have to win for that to happen. So it really is “now or never,” as the column notes. I can’t imagine her winning the nomination, but it will be interesting, for sure, seeing other Republicans—not Democrats (unless you count Jon Huntsman)—begin to criticize her.

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