Michelle’s unique physical attributes officially recognized at last

A big deal is being made of the fact that Michelle Obama has been found by some poll to be considered the most powerful woman in the world.

What have I been saying, over and over, to the scorn or irritation of critics, ever since the Democratic Convention in August 2008, in an entry entitled, “The woman of wide shoulders, from the city of the big shoulders”? That Michelle looks like a male body builder, with the largest trapezius muscles (the ones bulging disconcertingly around her neck) ever seen on a woman:


Or, as I put it in March 2010, she looks like Victor Mature in a Roman gladiator movie transposed to today’s White House, with a U.S. Marine obediently holding a flag behind her:


That is one powerful woman, or, should I say, empress.

Moreover, as I’ve noted, Michelle has been actively campaigning for the position of world’s most powerful woman. Also from VFR in March 2010:


The world is just catching up with me.

Read VFR, and you’ll see next year’s headlines, this year.

Further comments

Paul K. has sent two more shots of Michelle. Here she is again in her favorite posture, flexing her muscles while making a furious expression on her face, as if to say, “I am powerful.”


And here is a photo of Michelle which opens to our view not only the degree of her power, which alone would have been enough to make her the world’s most powerful woman, but also its infinite variety, which custom cannot stale, nor age wither. Thus she is both a muscle-bound empress in a 1950s sand and swords epic, as we saw above, and, as we see here…


… a creature of the primeval forest, baring her huge teeth and grimacing menacingly at the enemies that threaten her territory or her nest: What is a mama grizzly compared to this?

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