Dhimmitude in London

Here’s a first person account of a young Englishman’s shocking encounters with Muslims and police in today’s London. I find his story hard to believe, I’m just passing it on.

Here is another first-hand account by an Englishman who says he was forced to give up his business and move from Luton after he received death threats from Pakistani Muslim drug dealers whom he had denounced.

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Karen writes:

Reading your posts from today about the two white men attacked by Moslems, I could guess that they could be true. In areas of London where Moslems are dominant (and I would think this first man has been in Ealing, Southall, Wembley or Tower Hamlets), they can be very aggressive, hostile and often violent towards non Moslems. Pushing in queues and verbal abuse are fairly commonplace. The incompetence of the police of course encourages this behaviour as they know that they are unlikely to be caught or apprehended. The Telegraph reported today that only 13 percent (i.e. one in eight) police stations are open 24 hours. The rest are working office hours, hence the indifference of the police to this assault. Crimes seem to be investigated fully only when high profile, politically correct or involving celebrities.

An event illustrating the last point occurred today. A homeless man who frequented an area beside a gym and supermarket in Kensington Central London was found dead in his sleeping bag this morning. He was well known in the area and passers by often bought food for him and his large dog. He had a black girlfriend who often accompanied him and with whom he was always fighting. He probably died of natural causes but without an autopsy that conclusion cannot be ascertained. He could have been murdered. Hence the Police have a duty to investigate and take witness statements from staff and people in the gym and supermarket who knew him and had seen him recently. They did not, despite people offering information. They took the body away and sent the dog to a dog home and took the black girlfriend off “to be sorted out.” So, unless a case is high profile, investigation is minimal.

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