Against “studies”!

Regarding a study from the Heritage Foundation showing that children raised by homosexuals fare worse than children in other households, Laura Wood writes:

Truthfully, I am not very interested in this study or in the other studies on the issue, regardless of their conclusions…. Focusing on studies is a major distraction and a losing battle. We do not need studies to know that same-sex households are harmful to children.

She then proceeds to show, on the basis of common sense and the vast shared human experience, that we already know that children need a mother and a father.

I wrote in a comment:

The Muslim says, “If Allah wills it.” The Christian says, “In Jesus’ name.” The liberal says, “Studies have shown.” These are the sacred words that establish the authoritative truth of whatever ruinous mischief the liberal is about to propose.

“Studies” are one of the principal means by which the liberal regime maintains and extends its power.

Years ago I attended a conference of Swiss academic types in New York City. Their subject was Swiss immigration and multiculturalism policies. They maintained that multiculturalism and diversity was the way for Switzerland to go, because “studies” showed that it worked. Though I was just the guest of a guest at this event, I interposed: “So Switzerland has existed as a successful society for seven hundred years, and you want to change it radically—on the basis of “studies”? They didn’t get my point. Humorlessly they maintained that their studies were the best authority.

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