Korea seen from space—an image of two alternative destinies for mankind

Laurence B. writes:

The photograph of the Italian peninsula you posted reminds me of these night time shots of the Korean peninsula—one of the most terse and powerful vindications of American involvement in the Korean conflict.

There are lots of versions floating around the internet. Here’s one:


LA replies:

The North Korean part of the photograph represents the ultimate end of the left’s agenda (whether they realize it or not) for America and the entire world. And if Obama is elected to a second term the left will have taken a major step toward that end. But Obama faces no real opposition. The theme of the Romney campaign is that Obama is a “failure,” rather than a leftist who seeks to revolutionize America. As I said ten days ago, you can’t stop evil with nothing. And Romney and the Republicans are nothing.

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September 10

Robert P. writes:

Look for our future experiences to be similar to what Cuba experienced last night—a blackout leaving millions without power.

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