The empty-headed, totally-in-love-with-herself woman who wants to be president

Condi is a Dangerous Incompetent

says the title of Diana West’s excellent column at Jewish World Review. Truer words were never spoken. But the scandal is that they have not been spoken before in any mainstream conservative venue, all during these maddening years while God’s own gift to mankind—as a sequel to her earlier achievement of organizing the U.S., takeover of a Muslim country with no plan for what to do with it after we had taken it over—has been gallivanting around the world as the representative of the United States of America telling people that because civil rights was possible in the U.S., therefore democracy is possible in Islamic countries. Which comes down to saying that because God’s gift is now secretary of state despite America’s racist birth defect, therefore tyrannical sharia is compatible with free government. Which comes down to saying that since America, the inherently vicious, has tried to be decent and fair to blacks, therefore anything is possible, even the inherently impossible.

Which further means that the historic discrimination against blacks in America—the result of the purely contingent fact that hundreds of years ago blacks were brought to America as slaves—puts America on the same moral level as the eternal, crushing, divinely ordained tyranny of Islam!

With her every inane comment, with her every self-adoring smile, Rice glorifies herself and devalues America.

But now guess what? At the very moment that the truth about this narcissistic anti-American secretary of state, who calls it “condescending” and “racist” to raise rational doubts about the inherently impossible, is finally starting to be spoken in the conservative mainstream, this news item appears:

Strategist: Rice eyeing VP spot on ticket

WASHINGTON, April 6 (UPI)—U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has exhibited interest in becoming John McCain’s vice presidential running mate, a Republican strategist says.

Dan Senor revealed during Sunday’s edition of ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” that Rice has been seeking support to be considered for the No. 2 spot on the Republican ticket this fall.

“Condi Rice has been actively, actually in recent weeks, campaigning for this,” Senor said.

Rice had always disclaimed interest in political office before, and I believed her. But now I think her ego inflation and vanity—so powerful that they have increased even as the disaster and idiocy of her policies has become more evident—have gone so far that she want to be, not just vice president, but president. Because being McCain’s VP would be an automatic step toward being the top contender for the presidential nomination in 2012.

Which takes the Peter Principle to awesome proportions. I mean, how many levels above her disastrous incompetence does Rice expected to be raised?

And answer is: self-love minus zero / no limit.

* * *

The practical question is, would McCain really want to marry himself to this central figure of the failed and despised administration he wants to replace? At first thought, it wouldn’t seem to make any sense. However, my feeling is that he will be wowed by her “star” qualities and see her as a brilliant choice, complementing himself in all kinds of ways.

But what about the conservatives? And what about defenders of Israel? How should they respond to the Rice VP idea? Ironically, as I was in the middle of drafting this entry, this e-mail came in from Jed W., making many of the same points I had just written down:

I’m one of those conservatives who is literally repelled by McCain but have been resolved to voting for him in light of the alternative(s) The idea of the Clinton crime family (Mark Levin’s term) returning to steal the rest of the White House china is an injustice of cosmic proportions. As for Obama, well, he’s a disaster. However, I just read that that anti-American, anti-Israel mediocrity who serves as Bush’s Secretary State may get the VP nod.

Should that happen, I will not only vote for the Dem, but send money (that may be an exaggeration). But it is appalling that McCain might choose someone who views everything in the world in terms of the civil rights struggle in Selma, who thinks the Palestinian terrorists are analogous to the victims of Jim Crow, and who actually stated that this country was conceived with a “birth defect.” Do you think that McCain could be dumb enough to align with her? I, unfortunately, do.

- end of initial entry -

A. Zarkov writes:

Condi Rice seems like a little girl acting the part of Secretary of State in a 7th grade school play. The whole thing would be funny if not so tragic. I’m beginning to think our country suffers actual dementia in its leadership. It sometimes seems that Bush, Rice and McCain (to name a few of many) cannot put a string of logical thoughts together. Perhaps the use of psychoactive medicines is rampart—Valium, Prosac etc. How else can one explain what’s going on?

David B. writes:

I sent you the email below predicting McCain would select Rice as his running mate (a “three-fer”)on February 21. I really think McCain will go as far left as he can this fall.

LA writes:

Here is David’s earlier e-mail. This doesn’t seem to have been posted at VFR.

——Original Message——
From: David B.
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2008 4:33 PM
To: LA
Subject: Bush’s “Gross Injustice”


Your post about Bush being indignant over the supposed noose incidents, which he called a “gross injustice,” reminded me of a truism about liberal Republicans. Politicians like Bush (and McCain) will usually give more to aggrieved minorities than liberal Democrats if they can.

Speaking of McCain, I think he will put Condeleezza Rice on the ticket as his running mate. Rice would be a “threefer.” This would be a black, woman, and supporter of the “war policy” all in one.

Paul K. writes:

The notion of Rice on the ticket does not strike me as implausible.

A coupld of months ago McCain media strategist Mark McKinnon repeated what he had first said in early 2007, that he would quit the campaign rather than incur the bad karma of running against Obama. On March 20 it was reported that McCain fired a campaign worker, Soren Dayton, for circulating a YouTube video that edited Obama’s words against those of Rev. Wright. And the Republican candidate went out of his way to excuse Obama for his association with Wright on the Sean Hannity Show.

It appears that McCain feels conflicted about campaigning vigorously against America’s first plausible black candidate for president. No doubt he would feel more comfortable if he demonstrated his own commitment to black power by running with Rice as his VP.

Adela Gereth writes:

In the event, we can always hope for a miracle, say, that she undergoes a metamorphosis and wakes up not as a cockroach but as the next best thing—an old white guy.

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