A devastating, definitive summing up of Zimmerman’s case

UPDATE: here is the six minute presentation by Zimmerman’s (now former) attorney Hal Uhrig which I described previously and which a reader has thankfully found.

At ABC News, a banner headline says, “Trayvon Shooter George Zimmerman’s Lawyers Withdraw as Counsel.” But on the same webpage, there is an apparently live video feed of a portly, forceful, impressive man with short gray hair who is evidently Zimmerman’s attorney recounting the events of the night of Trayvon Martin’s death and making a conclusive case that Zimmerman’s story has been consistent and that there has been no evidence that has contradicted it. He also illustrates forcefully the monstrous racial provocation that has been carried out by the black activists and the major media.

Now (at 5:25 p.m.) the livestream feed is over. I don’t know who the speaker was, or whether this video can be replayed. This was by far the clearest and most persuasive discussion of the case that I have heard. This man has shattered the anti-Zimmerman side, showing that it has been based on nothing but lies. I think it’s over—the special prosecutor is going to find shortly that the police acted correctly and within the law when they released George Zimmerman without charges.

I must amend that. It’s over, except for the left’s evil lies which will never end, and except for the additional murders and maimings of whites by blacks stirred to racial violence by the media’s deliberate orchestration of anti-white hatred.

UPDATE: Here, found at Drudge, is a story at the Daily Caller reporting that in a press conference this afternoon Zimmerman’s attorneys, Hal Uhrig and Craig Sonner, said that Zimmerman has been acting on his own since Sunday and has ceased to be in touch with them. “It’s not so much that we are resigning,” Sonner said. “It’s that we cannot continue to represent him until he comes forward.”

UPDATE, 7:30 p.m.: Readers have sent me a video of the first few minutes of the press conference and audio of 24 minutes of it. Neither contains the impressive summing up the facts of the case by Hal Uhrig that I mentioned above. The audio consists of the attorney’s speaking in rending terms of Zimmerman’s isolation, fear, and troubled state of mind, plus innumerable repetitions of their answers to the same repeated questions from the reporters (who are like machines who never listen to what is said to them) about Zimmerman’s non-contact with them, his physical location (somewhere outside Florida), his setting up of a website different from the website his attorneys had set up, their continuing belief that he is innocent, and their insistence that the current development does not change their belief that the special prosecutor should and will dismiss the case. The two attorneys say over and over they are concerned about his physical and emotional well-being; fear that he is breaking down under the pressure; are open to representing him again; and hope to hear from him.

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Rob S. writes:

I think this is probably the presentation by Hal Uhrig that you described:

LA replies:

Yes, thank you very much, this is it. The only difference between this and the live feed I saw is the camera angle, so that in this video we see the cameramen behind Uhrig constantly taking photographs of him during his presentation.

How did you find it?

Also, I assume this was part of the press conference Tuesday afternoon, but the 24 minute audio ends before this part begins.

Also, watching Hal Uhrig’s forceful, intelligent, and definitive-sounding presentation of the case for Zimmerman, one can only feel that Zimmerman is making a big mistake in dropping Uhrig as his attorney.

How did you find it?

Rob S. replies:

You’re welcome. It took me about 30 seconds to find it. I entered “Hal Uhrig” into Google, selected “Videos”, and—here is my secret weapon—on the left side, clicked “Last 24 hours.” The video appeared in third or fourth place on the first page returned.

I don’t think Zimmerman has made a decision to fire his attorneys. I think he is in shock and is trying to walk away from the realm of legal defense entirely. Uhrig said Zimmerman has stopped answering his phone calls and emails. These are the actions of a man who is has decided to ignore his lawyers, not fire them. More significant are the facts that Zimmerman phoned his prosecutor, created a website where he talks to the public in his own voice, and called Sean Hannity. Any lawyer would advise him not to do these things. By doing them anyway, Zimmerman is rejecting not only his current lawyers, but any lawyer he could possibly have.

It’s easy to imagine why Zimmerman would be in shock. The man knows he is a boy scout. (You may consider this to be unproved, but he knows it.) He is exemplary. He tutors children, goes door to door campaigning for justice (real justice, not social justice) for a homeless man, works many unpaid hours guarding his neighbors against criminals. He is a community spirited man and not any kind of racist. Suddenly his life gets turned upside down and he is the official hate object of the entire nation. He is the evilest man in America. He is so evil that thinly veiled calls for his lynching are printed in respectable newspapers.

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