Gay Pride in the U.S. armed forces (doesn’t it make you feel proud?)

JC in Houston writes:

The Pentagon is sponsoring an official Gay Pride Week. So it’s gone from Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, to open acceptance, and now to positive celebration of this aberrant lifestyle. In my humble opinion, any self respecting young heterosexual white male should avoid the thought of serving in today’s military like the plague. And as to be expected, not a peep out of so-called conservatives or the GOP.

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Laura G. writes:

I expect that other commentators as well as you yourself have already mentioned this, but it is always a good thing to reiterate the truth. Namely, one of the major results of imposing policies which tolerate and celebrate overtly gay behavior in the military is to make the military an especially abhorrent profession for men with conservative backgrounds and beliefs. Those happen to be especially prominent in the southern states. Just look at the map of states that have a state constitutional definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman or which prohibit same-sex marriage. Not too surprising, it is also many southern states which provide the U.S. with an especially large proportion of the men in their population to serve our military. Omitting states with very small populations, the top states to send the largest proportion of men to the military are Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nevada, and Lousiana. Of these, only New Mexico fails to prohibit same-sex marriage. I bring up these facts because it appears that pushing public and overtly gay behavior on the military is just another means of attacking and weakening the U.S. military. As the writer says, how could any self-respecting hetero man join such an organization at this point? This initiative has focused directly on the group of men (often from the South, conservative, defenders of heterosexual norms) that we need especially urgently if we are to maintain a strong military. Who doubts that this administration has an active intention of weakening the military? This is just another means of pursuing that goal.

Jonathan S. writes:

Coming next, of course, for heterosexual members of the American armed forces: they will be required walk in parades celebrating Gay Pride, shoulder to shoulder with the homosexuals—and not a word of objection about it!—or face court martial and dishonorable discharge.

To the grave offenses exposing a serviceman to dishonorable discharge, such as cowardice, murder, sabotage, or espionage, add any hesitation whatsoever, or any expression of misgivings, about living and working with homosexuals, in close quarters and on their terms.

The aim of the liberal enterprise is to thwart any and all efforts by normal people to live life on their own judgment and according to their own, normal preferences; and to impose upon them a life that they can only find immoral, unfulfilling, and humiliating.

Liberalism affords its adherents the pleasure of spitting in the faces of normal people, their whole lives long, and hounding them to their graves.

Animating its adherents is malice, hatred, spite, and resentment, pure and simple.

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