Weiner, cont.

The website TMZ has posted photographs that Anthony Weiner took of himself in the House gym. In several of them he is clothed only in a towel and is grabbing his crotch. They were forwarded to TMZ by another of Anthony Weiner’s many female correspondents, who had received them from him.

Will Alec Baldwin say that Weiner’s taking and sending such photographs is, along with Weiner’s online sex talk, one of the standard daily needs of a high profile man in our society? It will be interesting to see where, if anywhere, Baldwin draws the line between what he sees as legitimate sexual release on one side and sexual addiction, perversion, etc. on the other. I don’t see where, being a consistent liberal, Baldwin could draw the line.

UPDATE, posted at NY Daily News, 6:26 p.m.:

WASHINGTON—As a cache of embarrassing new photos appeared Sunday, Rep. Anthony Weiner finally began considering the possibility that he may have to resign.

A source close to the congressman told the Daily News that Weiner had been adamant about keeping his seat—even as the Democratic leadership urged him to quit amid daily new revelations of reckless sexting.

But the unrelenting media coverage, the demands he step down from his party’s leadership, and the appearance of more humiliating photos made Weiner realize he may not be able to bull through the crisis after all, the source said. [cont.]

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Paul K. writes:

Steve Sailer speculates that Weiner may use steroids, which would help account for his reckless behavior and his often enraged deportment during debate. I had been skeptical of that idea, but these pictures strengthen the case. Weiner has the leanness and muscularity that steroids promote and is obviously very impressed with his body.

LA replies:

Sailer’s comments on Weiner and other public figures in this regard seem entirely speculative.

LA writes:

It’s a hell of a situation. They want him to go. He doesn’t want to go. They can’t make him go (without a vote of expulsion, a huge process that would take months). And in the meantime, more and more of his stuff keeps coming out.

Jim C. writes:

The crotch grabs have done in Herr Weenie. Guarantee you that the leadership has had it with him.

LA replies:

Are crotch grabs worse than an exposed crotch? The exposed crotch was a week ago.

Jim C. replies:

Yes, they are much worse because you can see his blank, sociopathic puss—he looks like a scary gay porn star.

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