A proposal for a new type of school for blacks

A reader in England writes:

I say with the greatest respect for you and your VFR audience that the focus needs not to be so much on documenting black crimes (though that documentation is useful) but on creating and implementing solutions to deal with the black youth violent crime problem which is destroying America (and the UK).

Given that a substantial part of the black community (particularly young blacks) in America (and the UK) is morally deficient on several levels, this is no easy task.

But, as I have said before, I would start with calling for the creation of BLACK MORALITY SCHOOLS which would be aimed at creating individuals who will not be drawn to violent crime.

I have said that we must start early with a new way of teaching black kids. MORALITY must be the central focus of their upbringing. So we will need to create new sorts of schools (or radically transform the old schools), private or public, to put forth a moral vision aimed at black youth. Schools where the problems of violence, sexual promiscuity, excessive materialism, drug use, and bad manners are addressed from the very beginning of a pupil’s education. God (Christian/Muslim etc.), morality and religious ritual will be big in the picture. As will an emphasis on everyday discipline. And healthy diet will also be addressed. Many young blacks eat very unhealthy food and it is my gut feeling that that unhealthy diet is linked to violent criminal activity.

Blacks (especially males) must play a crucial role in creating and running these BLACK MORALITY SCHOOLS or such schools will quickly lose credibility. Beginning with the participation of black community leaders (including the likes of Sharpton and Jackson) to the participation of black spiritual leaders (including the likes of Farrakhan whose Nation of Islam has had great success in transforming many young blacks from violent criminals to law abiding people) to the participation of ordinary decent black parents. Repentant ex-gang members will be asked to participate too. As will “moral”/”spiritual” black sporting heroes/celebrity artists.

Conservatives Thomas Sowell and Alan West and Star Parker and Walt Williams and Shelby Steele would also be ideal to have aboard as both “creators” of such schools and black role models within them (so would Obama and Michelle whatever you think of their politics).

And the rest of society will be encouraged to lend their support to creating these schools. Liberals, progressives, mainstream conservatives, traditionalist conservatives. Whites, Asians, Hispanics etc.

I’m not saying these hypothetical “black morality” schools will be an instant solution. But I feel they would help create the conditions for blacks to behave better.

It is time for VFR-type conservatives, whatever they think of black youth, to play a serious role in helping find solutions to the black crime problem which is wrecking America. They must think “out of the box” and not just be content with moaning (which I do my own share of) about blacks and black crime (again, I am not defending black violent criminal behaviour in any way shape or form).

VFR readers need to keep in mind too that there are many ordinary decent black people out there suffering from black violent youth crime. That is not to say that the decent black community doesn’t have a lot to answer for in terms of their responsibility in creating the conditions for black criminals to thrive. Those ordinary decent black people have to up their game too in terms of transmitting morality, ethics and discipline.

Some may say that genetic based lower average black IQ and or higher black testosterone levels ensure that blacks will always be top of the violent crime league. I’m not saying those factors should be ignored or that they shouldn’t be considered when looking for solutions to the black crime problem.

But I think my BLACK MORALITY SCHOOLS initiative is a good starting point to tackle the problem of black violent crime.

LA replies:

The problem with your noble proposal is that it is exactly like most of my proposals, namely that it is out of the question under the current liberal order of society. In order for your proposal to be enacted, liberalism would already have to have been toppled.

- end of initial entry -

Jeanette V. writes:

We already have “BLACK MORALITY SCHOOL” It is called the church. I live in a small Southern town in North Carolina and all of my interactions with blacks in this town have been positive. Why? Because they are all church going and Bible believing. It is so nice on a Sunday morning to see all the cars in various neighborhoods pull out of driveways on their way to worship.

The problem with the so-called Great Society and the removal of the black man from the family is that it also removed the church. There is simply no hope for blacks or whites unless we have a Christian Renaissance in faith.

Laine A. writes:

Regarding the comment that “We already have “BLACK MORALITY SCHOOL. It is called the church”:

Since hearing about Obama’s so-called church in Chicago I am not nearly so sanguine about what morality is being taught to blacks there and in black churches across the nation. It appears many of them are little more than meeting halls for black grievance and bigotry against whites, nothing to do with Christian forgiveness or becoming better people. Black “Reverends” like Wright, Jackson, and Sharpton have besmirched the honorific with their crass race hustling and no trace of spirituality. Besides lauding black Muslim figures like Farrakhan and black liberation theology guru Cone, Wright accused whites of inventing and spreading AIDS among blacks and what place does such bigotry have in a proper Christian church? Black churches also distributed Obama campaign literature and exhorted votes for him with no concern for his character, just the color of his skin and the expected basket of Dem handouts. Did they raise the issue of Obama’s evil in voting for late term abortions and denying surviving victims medical treatment? Did black churches ask Obama to help heal the root cause of black degeneration, fatherless children with incompetent or uncaring mothers, prey to being adopted into gangs as surrogate families? Obviously, there must be some exceptions, some positive black preachers and non-embittered congregations, but save me the sanctimony on black churches in general since Obama’s 20 year allegiance to a “church” spewing hatred was bared for all to see and everyone looked away.

Beth M. writes:

This is a completely unworkable idea in our current society and economy. In order to be workable, the schools would need to end at age 14 and put the graduates into guaranteed jobs. These jobs would only be desirable to the black graduates if they knew that everything from Affirmative Action to welfare to Section 8 would not be available to them at any point in life.

Any black who scored well enough on the exit exam could go to a standard high school and on to college, etc.

One of the most important drivers of black dysfunction is that their bad behavior has few real costs to them. They don’t seem to mind spending years in prison, and when they are on the outside, they “work the system” to gain a lifestyle that is superior to what they could gain through honest employment. If you consider the definition of “rich” to be having money and free time SIMULTANEOUSLY, then the lifestyle that black people choose is in many ways superior to the lifestyle that lower-middle-class whites have.

A white person who works his whole life and raises two good kids is entitled to Social Security benefits, and the black person who never works a lick and fathers a dozen feral creatures who waste millions of tax dollars as they move through life is also entitled to Social Security benefits.

The choices that low-IQ blacks make are rational under our current system, and THAT is the root of the problem.

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