The Doctors’ Plot

Stewart W. writes:

I believe the picture says it all. However, I almost wonder if we are not seeing a bit of anti-Obamism creeping in from the MSM.


Addressing the photo, the AP story says: “For a visual plug from some medical pros, the White House arranged for Obama to have some 150 doctors representing all 50 states arrayed in the sunsplashed lawn area just outside the West Wing. To make sure no one watching at home or catching news footage later would miss the point, the physicians wore their white medical coats for the cameras.”

The tone of that quote, plus the risibly PC selection of the three doctors in the photo, makes it hard to imagine that the AP reporter did not have his tongue firmly in cheek when he assembled this story. Any American viewing that photo will notice the absurdity, even if he doesn’t admit it to himself.

In any event, it gave me a bit more hope today, as well as a good chuckle.

LA replies:

Yes. The PC (i.e., excluding traditional white men) arrangement of the South Asian female doctor, the white hippie with pony tail doctor, and the black doctor, all of them dressed ridiculously in white doctors’ jackets, like some PR stunt in a third rate Communist country, with Obama smiling fatuously in the middle of them, plus the fact that THIS is the way Obama thinks he can sell nationalized healthcare to America, are further signs that Obama is up the creek without a paddle. To make the farce complete, Obama should have added, “I’m not a president, but I play one on TV.” But the problem with the joke is that any decent actor playing president would be far more believable in the role than Obama. Hell, even Kevin Kline in Dave was a more credible president than this joker.

Stewart writes:

The local website where I found the story removed the photo from their “headlines” page within 30 minutes, and have now replaced the photo in the story.

But why would they do that? After all, we are all the same, right? They must have recognized that the original photo was likely to inflame the hillbillies, I suppose.

If the second photo shows the crowd that was actually present at this press conference (i.e. overwhelmingly white men), they must have worked quite hard to put together that first image.

In fact, the self-censorship shown by this local website is most telling. This story started out being the headline on this web page (they usually keep a “headline” story up for anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours, then move it down the list as other stories come online). Within 30 minutes, the story had disappeared entirely from their webpage, and could only be accessed via the original URL. At that point, they removed the original photo and replaced it with the new, and re-linked it back to their main page. It’s clear that the even the “race-blind” utopians in the newsroom saw how silly that first photo looked, and pulled the story until a new cover picture could be selected.

Pity the poor PC editors. Both photos undoubtedly came from the White House press office. The first photo represents what America’s doctors “should” look like, the second what America’s doctors unfortunately still actually do look like. They wanted to run the first photo, but realizing how unreal it would look to most Americans, were forced to substitute the second, more accurate picture.

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Michael S. writes:

“”For a visual plug from some medical pros, the White House arranged for Obama to have some 150 doctors representing all 50 states arrayed in the sunsplashed lawn area just outside the West Wing.”

Fifty states? What about the other seven?

Now what were they again? Lemme see… the state of Puerto Rico, the state of New Liberia, the state of Continuous Grievance, the state of Everlasting Resentment, the state of black self-esteem… ?

LA replies:

I’ve never gone along with hitting Obama on that “57 states” comment, which was an understandable slip, as I explained at the time. However, Michael has provided a valid and funny context for the reference. The alien-in-chief certainly does want to add new “states” to the United States. In addition to the ones Michael mentioned, there is the state of Socialized Medicine, the state of White Middle Class Tax Slavery to Lower- Class and Illegal-Alien Nonwhites, the state of American Helplessness in the Face of Our Enemies….

Obama’s ambitions are large. There are many more than a mere seven “states” he wants to add to the Union. They are balanced, however, by the large number of “states” he wants to remove from the Union, which, at least for the moment, I’ll leave to readers’ imagination.

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