Who is Julian Assange?

I’ve just realized who Julian Assange, the professional leaker of U.S. government documents and wreaker of diplomatic havoc, really is. He is the spiritual twin of Angelina Jolie. It’s not just that both Assange and Jolie have French names with a soft “g” sound in the first name and a voiced “zh” sound in the last name. It’s that they look alike—they could be brother and sister—and project the same highly unpleasant vibe:

Julian%20assange%20in%20square%20shot.jpeg angelina%20jolie.jpeg

Both faces convey a heavy, fixed egotism. Both faces radiate negativity.

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November 30

Paul Nachman writes:

John Hawkins, another Townhall columnist, says, in so many words, that the Wikileaks guy should be offed by the CIA. In general, I’m in favor of having the U.S. do things that make us feared, rather than liked.

Regarding your comments about the Wikileaks guy’s appearance, in his Wikipedia photo he looks smug to me. And I find smugness especially loathsome.

Paul K. writes:

When I look at the photos of Julian Assange, particularly the one at Wikipedia, he strikes me as decadent, devious, and weak. He is wanted on rape charges, and that sounds like the sort of activity that would appeal to him.


Angelina Jolie strikes me as an empty, damaged person. She was a heroin addict in her twenties and retains the wasted, soulless appearance, like the model Kate Moss. Apparently this appeals to a lot of people, or Jolie would not continue to get lead roles. I can’t stand to see a movie with her in it anymore.

LA replies:

I see them both differently from the way you do. To me, Assange doesn’t look weak, but extremely arrogant and determined. He looks like a man who is set on doing something bad and nothing is going to stop him.

As for Jolie, she is far beyond “damaged.” I think she is a strong person, who has deliberately embraced her egotism and her negativity and seeks to impose them on the world.

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