Will Big Sis come and get me for this?

A commenter at Lydia McGrew’s blog at What’s Wrong with the World wrote the other day:

BTW, this snippet of Lawrence Auster’s will fuel the liberal leftist’s unhinged paranoia about conservatives:

Therefore the only meaningful form that conservatism can now take is counterrevolution, which means: opposition to the lawless regime that America now is, and the declared intent to overthrow it. Any “conservatism” short of counterrevolution is simply subscription to, loyalty to, patriotism to, obedience to, a leftist unlimited state.

UPDATE, 7:50 p.m.: Now that I think about it, the word “overthrow” carries the meaning of “to terminate a government by force.” I believe that it is a crime to advocate the overthrow of the U.S. government by force. So I’ll change the word in the original entry to “dismantle.” I personally have believed and have said for many years that the modern regime of the U.S. is unconstitutional and that large parts of it need to be dismantled. The point of my comment about counterrevolution is that as of June 28, 2012, any conservatives who do not think that the present regime of the U.S. should be dismantled, any conservatives who still believe in the U.S. as presently constituted, are supporters of a leftist lawless state. The ONLY genuine conservatism now is counterrevolutionary conservatism.

- end of initial entry -

Richard W. writes:

Another way I’ve seen it put:

“Whatever is left of American patriotism is now identical with counter-revolution.”

Everything less is false patriotism.

P.S.: It just looks better with the dash in it, but I know it’s probably wrong

LA replies:

You may be right that it looks better with the hyphen. For some reason, I’ve always spelled it without the hyphen.

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