This is your brain … this is your brain on left-liberalism

Here is a typical comment posted at Daily Kos about yours truly:

We should break this crap out near the election and use it to tar every candidate supported by twits like Auster.

Where do you draw the line? Women shouldn’t have political rights? Then it will be immigrants. And black folks. And Jews. And people who aren’t millionaires.

Indeed, this is the platform of the dominionists who have taken over the Republican Party—if you’re not white, wealthy, Christian (of a certain variety), and male, you don’t deserve even the most basic civil liberties.

We have here a glimpse into the mental universe inhabited by today’s left. These people actually think, and are constantly telling each other (and no one ever corrects them), that the leaders of the Republican party want to take away the most basic civil liberties of everyone who is not white, wealthy, Christian, and male. It is through the lens of such assumptions that the left perceives every act, statement, and policy initiative of President Bush. The fact that Bush is a super Wilsonian endeavoring to bring democracy to countries that have never had it, the fact that he is an aggressive promoter of open borders whose dream it is to turn America as quickly as possible into a Mestizo country—the left can take in none of this, because it doesn’t fit their fevered image of Bush as a racist Christian fascist.

How can they stand it? How can they stand living in such gross lies ? How can they stand believing and echoing, year after year, these ludicrous falsehoods that bear no relationship to the real world?

As we look on certain sectors of today’s left, in whom the capacity for human reason seems to have been permanently destroyed, the same forbidden question arises that struck Daniel Patrick Moynihan when considering underclass blacks: are we witnessing the beginning of speciation?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 15, 2007 02:03 AM | Send

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