The next twist in Conservative Optimism Maintainance (a.k.a. “Conservatives are winning!”)

The last one was Fred Barnes saying that the election is good news for conservatives on the Obamacare front, since exit polls show that 49 percent oppose Obamacare.

And now this, from the reliably moronic Rick Moran, who has graduated from American Moron (a.k.a. American Thinker to Pajamas Media (and if you think “moron” is too strong a word for that site, see its chorus of triumphalist announcements posted a day before the election saying that Obama was finished and Romney would be the next president):

How the Implementation of Obamacare Will Make the GOP a Majority Party

As we get closer to the day when Obamacare moves from threat to reality, it seems probable that the resulting catastrophe for tens of thousands of businesses, as well as the massive increase in premiums for many families, will propel Republicans to majority status in 2014. How many businesses will be forced to close shop? How many will cut back on the number of employees to stay in business? How many will refuse to expand, unable to handle the increased costs? How many jobs will Obamacare cost?

Let’s repeat that:

” … will propel Republicans to majority status in 2014.”

The country will be radically and irreversibly changed and damaged by Obamacare, but Republicans will have a majority in the Senate in two years. Whoopi!

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Jessica K. writes:

The GOP boosters and triumphalists thought they’d take back the Senate on Nov. 6, but they ended up losing seats. Quite a feat when you consider how many Democratic members were up for re-election.

Still, it’s good to see our neocon friends haven’t lost their enthusiasm for prognostication. They just know what will happen in 2014. And why wouldn’t we believe them?

LA replies:

Right! Why wouldn’t we?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 26, 2012 04:45 PM | Send

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