Why it was right, then and now, to be highly suspicious of Obama’s putative birth certificate

When Obama released an image of his supposed birth certificate about a year ago, I did not get into the vexed issue of whether it was fake or or not. It was too difficult for me to follow the technical question of how the image might have been faked, and to form an opinion about it.

However, what I should have done was to bring forward again the comical saga of Hawaii governor and former congressman Neil Abercrombie and his aborted search for the birth certificate, because it demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that prior to revealing the supposed birth certificate, the White House was concealing it and everyone had the right to believe they were concealing it.

Here is the key text from the January 2011 entry, “What birthers need to do now,” in which I sum up the meaning of the Abercrombie episode:

As a result of Gov. Abercrombie’s lurching behavior and statements, we now know with virtually absolute certainty that Obama’s birth certificate (the long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate) does not exist in the state of Hawaii records. How do we know this? We know it because in December Abercrombie noisily announced his intention of finding and releasing Obama’s birth certificate. Then he immediately went silent on the issue for several weeks. Then, at the end of a newspaper interview on political matters, a reporter asked him how the search for the birth certificate was going, and the governor mentioned some “recording” he had found “written down” in the state records. He didn’t mention the birth certificate. If he had found the birth certificate, he would have said so. Then a day or two later the governor announced that he was terminating his search for the birth certificate because Obama had not given his consent for the birth certificate to be released. Obviously that last announcement—that the birth certificate could not be released—contradicted the governor’s inadvertent confession to the reporter that the birth certificate could not be found.

If the governor of Hawaii, with all the apparatus of the state government at his fingertips, cannot find Obama’s birth certificate in the records of the state of which he is the governor, then we can take it as an established FACT that the birth certificate does not exist. Or, if it ever did exist, that it has been removed and hidden. Either way, there is no official record showing the truth about Obama’s birth.

My present point is that when Obama did release the supposed b.c., and all the Democrats began screaming that this showed that the b.c. had always existed and that the birthers were a bunch of crazy haters, the birthers and conservatives generally, having failed to pick up up on the decisive significance of the Abercrombie affair earlier in 2011, did not use it to show that prior to the supposed b.c. being revealed, the record clearly demonstrated either that it did not exist or that Obama had been concealing it.

- end of initial entry -

June 8

Laura G. writes:

Thank you for bringing back the birth certificate issue, which I realize is an inconvenient issue and in some ways beside the major points and trajectory of your inestimable blogsite. I have to take issue with you regarding your opinion that the birthers (we prefer to call ourselves Constitutionalists) had failed to advocate that since the Hawaii Governor had already told a reporter that he had looked and couldn’t find it, therefore the long form which Obama subsequently posted was a lie. On the contrary, “birthers” were fully aware and were as vocal as possible to be that the Gov had stated that he couldn’t find that elusive form, and in fact, the Gov had said that he had had a search warrant and nevertheless couldn’t find a birth certificate, couldn’t find a hospital record for Obama’s birth, and couldn’t find the hospital record for the putative mother.

The reason that this information appears to have been neglected and now forgotten is the same reason that ALL other matters relating to the Obama life story are and have been suppressed and unreported by the mainstream media. It is necessary to use advanced self-starting initiative to gather information on Obama’s life, and it comes in on a variety of poorly organized sites. After some piece of information on his background is wrenched out of the clutches of wherever it is being hidden, it is immediately subjected to lies and distortions, undeniable realities are denied at the highest levels, there is likely to be a stone wall of silence and mockery, the most absurd excuses are used to excuse blatant fraudulent and likely criminal behaviors, and so forth and so on. The Internet is constantly scrubbed of material that should be readily searchable. The magnitude of the deceptions and frauds also is very hard to accept emotionally. One person I know who was starting in on the pathway of self-education on the issues said that he got dizzy, felt too sick, and just could’t hear or read any further information. I understand completely how he felt, and the fact is that understanding even some of the areas of deception is a slow process and requires a lot of focus and constant checking of reality.

You brought up the specific issue of why didn’t birthers immediately see that the new long-form image was a fraud when the Hawaii Governor had already said he couldn’t find one. The birthers did see the fraud, but the world at large did not for the same reasons that the world at large did not see that since Obama had been saying for two years that there was no long-form, therefore when he had one posted it meant he was lying. The world did not see that he had had a name change from Barry Soetoro to Barack Obama, and that had never been explained. The world could not see that the fact that his own publicist said through 2007 that he had been born in Kenya means that he is a liar about a basic issue. The world at large cannot allow itself to see that there have been literally hundreds of legal efforts brought to all levels of courts in attempts to force Obama to release information and records about his past, all courts have refused to hear the cases on their merits, and the failure of the legal system to enforce elementary transparency has been devastating to citizens who try to make even timid efforts to understand what is happening. The world at large cannot allow themselves to see that the fact that he has surrounded himself all his life with criminals, liars, communists, anti-Semites, terrorists, scam artists, and radical Muslims, all people that no respectable person would allow to walk into their home, means that he is completely comfortable in that company and shares those outlooks. The list goes on and on. The fact is that coming to grips with the nature of the person we allowed to be elected to President, and realizing the massively traitorous role of the press in bringing us to this mortal danger, is painful beyond measure. A majority of our population is just not ready to face up to the actual situation. And, by the way, the fact is that a Kenyan birth per se is the most minor of the issues we should be concerned with regarding his background and intentions.

LA replies:

I do not remember, at the time Obama released his putative b.c., birthers pointing to the Abercrombie incident as definitive proof that prior to this, the b.c. had been either non-existent or concealed. They may have done; I just wasn’t aware of it.

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