A proposal for a post United States of America

Over the years we have repeatedly seen futuristic scenarios that involve the break-up of the United States into several sovereign countries. Richard W. offers a thought-provoking and radically simple variation on that idea. Our elephantine, egalitarian, globe-bestriding federal government, he declares, is itself the principal source of the hideous problems that beset us and that threaten the continuance of our culture. And now, because of its financial recklessness, the federal government’s own future is in doubt. This, Richard continues, is a providential development. Let the federal government crash, and the states will begin to govern themselves, much as when the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics fell, its constituent republics simply stepped into the breach and became sovereign self-governing states.

by Richard W.

Like Ben W. and Fjordman, I too have the sense that our society has failed.

I view our position now as analogous to an airplane which loses its engines in flight. The pilot and copilot know the flight is over. There is no way to avoid a crash landing, only procedures to follow to increase the chances of survival.

Those of us who understand the situation in America are like those pilots. One of our duties is to tell the rest of the crew and passengers what is going to happen, but it’s not the main task at hand. The main task is survival.

In our case survival has multiple levels.

Individual and family survival must come first. We need to ensure that despite the increasing societal chaos we retain health and hearth.

At the level above that is the survival of a larger group or community: one’s church, one’s neighbors, a close nit group of friends.

At the next level is survival of critical cultural and political institutions.

We must all make our own plans for family and group survival. It is at this third level of the survival of these larger institutions that we need to talk, plan, and work towards agreement.

Clearly the “thing” which is failing and must be destroyed is the Federal Government. This destruction (or decommissioning) will be a wonderful event and should be desired by all sane people.

FedGov has failed and is dragging all of us to failure with it each day it remains in place. Despite occasional changes in which party runs things, the Federal Government consistently remains the most powerful agent of destruction of our civil society. So it has been for at least two generations, with ever increasing hostility, malice and destructive force directed at our heritage, morality and social capital.

FedGov has grown its reach to cover every aspect of our lives, and in almost every case creates and sustains programs, policies, organizations and individuals that are the root of the toxic anti-culture we are forced to live in.

Federal Welfare programs have created a criminal underclass that is violent, stupid and angry. FedGov continues to find ways to increase the size of this class, along with the huge infrastructure of parasitic bureaucrats. FedGov has made it possible for 70 percent of black kids to be born outside of marriage, ensuring the next generation of violent, angry thugs will be here to rob and threaten us in our old age.

FedGov created and sustains the absurd and evil affirmative action programs that are now sawing away at the most critical level of our society, the middle class.

Success based on personal integrity and accomplishment is replaced with a race-based point system. The best do not rise, the favored castes do. Industry suffers, society is impoverished. Do you want your heart surgery done by a doctor with the skills that, for instance Michelle Obama demonstrated in her $300,000 a year job? Sorry, you will not have a choice. FedGov will see to that.

FedGov has created, and grown ceaselessly, a huge tax apparatus that sucks the lifeblood out of the wealth of the citizenry. It requires honest men to warp their business decisions in the most unproductive ways. Again its full destructive power is felt most harshly by the middle class, who are neither poor enough to benefit from government give-aways, nor rich enough to insulate themselves from taxes through lawyerly trickery.

It has created bizarre schemes, like the 401K and IRA, and compels us to use these mechanisms if we are to have any hope of saving enough to retire. But it then pursues policies that destroy the value of our holdings. Is there really much doubt that in its final death agony FedGov will confiscate much of this private wealth through punitive taxes?

Perhaps the most flagrant proof of the utter hostility of FedGov to our society is the unlimited open borders immigration it has permitted and encouraged. Just as during the decline and fall of Rome, our corrupt politicians make deals with the invaders and believe somehow they can be controlled. Such conceits always end in tragedy. (Where is Latin spoken today?)

The list of horrible, destructive, and unnecessary policies is endless. Futile and poorly thought out wars kill and maim our children. The best of the generation serve and suffer, while worthless ghetto youth taunt and beat citizens in the streets with impunity.

Industry killing regulations proliferate like blades of grass: environmental, work place safety, wheelchair access, equal opportunity, compulsory insurance, unemployment, disability, health care, and whatever else some small mind can create until at last our very ability to manufacture the basic possessions of our prosperity is crushed.

Commerce, the vital center of our prosperity, is exported, while FedGov enacts trade policies that enrich only the elites, both here and in China. The lawyers and executives selling off the infrastructure that made us secure are richly rewarded. The faithful employees are cast aside like scrap.

Finally, in the most absurd climax of brazen stupidity imaginable, FedGov and their lacky bankers at the Federal Reserve are destroying the currency itself!

They have made the dollar, a currency which was recently the envy of the world and literally “as good as gold,” into a worthless junk bond. Inflated beyond all reason to keep the corrupt bankers and politicians in the game a bit longer.

The only good thing is that this final orgasm of greed and debt creation has ensured that the entire edifice will crash. With the dollar, so goes the FedGov beast.

Can anyone really doubt that we would all be better off without a Federal Government at this point?

Imagine business and personal finance unencumbered by federal taxes and regulations! Imagine States able to patrol their borders and admit only those who can contribute! Imagine state after state ending absurd and dysfunctional programs like Section 8 and Welfare! [LA adds: imagine no federal government telling Westchester County it must build 700 new housing units in specified locations to make sure that racial diversity is mathematically evenly spread over the whole county.] Imagine no more arguing about the appointment of the next Supreme Court lord, or the next absurd decision from that group of fools! Imagine: our Parliament of Whores, the Congress abolished!

I look forward to the demise of the Imperial Over Government as surely as a farmer looks forward to the death of a rabid dog. It cannot come soon enough. We must all dream, hope and work to hasten the fall. We should envision and welcome the end of the oppressive leftist superforce that rules over us, not fear it.

Our Western history and legends are full of heroes who fought and sacrificed to deliver their eras from the tyrants of the day. From Paul Revere to Luke Skywalker we cheer the fall of the empire. Now it is our turn to be the heroes who vanquish the corrupt bloated corpse of the Republic, our Federal Government.

At the time of our country’s founding the new nation had a population of 2.5 million. In land the total area of the USA was only a bit bigger than Texas. Did our founders envision and desire a 300 million person continental super-state? Did they believe that we needed one set of rules for all 300 million? One size of toilet tank? One approved method of saving for retirement? I think not. Like some other fine small republics in history, our success led to hubris and empire, and all the rot and loss that comes with empire.

The union of Nov 25, 1783 may have been needed. The union of Nov 25, 2009 is not. It is a vampire sucking the blood out of the body of the people.

If we took the Founders’ example, a nation of 25 million as the optimum size, we would create 12 nations to replace the oversized giant we suffer under today. Now that is a “diversity plan” that will make a meaningful contribution to human happiness!

There is much additional work to be done to understand how we would like to reform our local governments, to be sure, but for myself I see the entire Federal level as one where the evil far outweighs the good. Best simply to dis-establish, dissolve, and void it.

There is a recent historical example of a corrupt, totalitarian over-state being dissolved, without war or violent revolution.

I refer to the fall of the USSR, of course. Things were instantly much better for a huge percentage of the citizens when the fall of the USSR came. There was new light, and real freedom for millions of people. It is easy to underestimate or forget the huge victory for civilization that this was. We need to meditate on it further. Are we really so different in our needs. Yes the USA FedGov is not (yet) an out-and-out totalitarian entity. But it has obvious tendencies in that direction that worry many Americans, of all political stripes. Consider the fact that the House of Representatives recently passed a bill that would require every American on pain of fine and imprisonment to purchase health insurance.

With the fall of the USSR there was not a void or anarchy. Because it was a federation power and organization merely devolved down a level in the hierarchy. Many stable states reformed themselves, there was sanity and freedom. Germany re-united, Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland were reborn as legitimate sovereign states.

Some states required further devolution to separate out ethnic populations that had differing cultures and values. Mostly this was accomplished without too much bloodshed. (Yugoslavia being the worst case.)

Will not the Dakotas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Maine, Washington and many other States and perhaps new regional nations gain similar benefits when our oppressive leftist meta-state crumbles? Strangely those worst off in the fall of the USSR were those at the center, the Russians. Does anyone doubt that New York, D.C. and Massachusetts will be the worst independent states in a deconstructed USA?

Yes, we need to start now to plan for that day so that we don’t end up with plutocrats and Mafia dons running the remainder states. We want to emerge like Poland, not like Russia or Yugoslavia. Whether we admit it and get busy planning for it or not, that day is coming. As surely as a crash landing is inevitable for a plane without functional engines.

Time is short. We must execute our emergency procedures and do our utmost to plan for our survival, and the survival of the healthy parts of our society, in the chaos of the coming crash. We must begin to strengthen the States to thrive at the end of the Federal Era. We must choose our communities and associates with care, and do our utmost to see that traditionalists have a solid survival plan for the crash that lies ahead. Time is short. If you listen closely you can almost hear the howling silence of the dead engines of the American Empire.

Fasten your seatbelts, we’re almost down.

- end of initial entry -

Gintas writes:

If only we were dealing with Gorbachev!

Roger Donway writes:

As regards Richard W’s interesting proposal: As I recall, the dissolution of the Soviet Union began not with a collapse at the center but with a withdrawal by the periphery, specifically, with the withdrawal from the federation of ethnically based sub-units. I don’t see any parallel in the United States. Secondly, the dissolution of the Soviet Union was facilitated by the fact that there was one core state, Russia, which would obviously be the successor state (take over the nuclear codes, etc.). Bosnywash might serve, I suppose. But it lacks the strong ethnic foundation of Russia.

LA replies:

Yes, you’re right on both points. As the USSR weakened its grip, the republics began withholding taxes and declaring independence, and then in the last months of 1991 the Russian Republic began to take over control of various state ministries of the USSR, so that by the time the USSR formally ceased to exist, all its functions had already been transferred.

What is the closest possible parallel in an American scenario? The federal government progressively weakens, state governments begin to take over control of more and more functions and act independently. Fifty independent sovereignties seems an extremely far reach, but it’s theoretically conceivable. Where the parallel breaks down completely is in the replacement of national functions such as military and national security. The Russian Republic was the successor state to the USSR. There is no possible successor state to the USA.

Richard P. writes:

We already have a model for post-breakdown America. It’s in our own history. The most likely scenario is not that the Federal Government ceases to exist; it is that it ceases to be relevant. The model that I have in mind is the U.S. under the Articles of Confederation.

I think the most likely scenario is that individual states would start taking over services currently performed at the federal level, while also declaring state sovereignty in areas currently under federal jurisdiction. We are already seeing the latter begin in some states against federal control of things like gun laws, drug laws, and immigration. Once the inevitable funding crisis occurs, the federal government will have difficulty just meeting payrolls and sending out benefit checks.

Many state governments will be forced (if not eager) to step in and fill the vacuum. This could set off competitive pressure between states to take on more functions as citizens of those states that are slow to respond would demand it. A strong federal response to stop such action could result in states banding together against the feds. Being closest to their own voters, that’s a battle the states would win. The “United States of America” would continue to exist, but would be far more decentralized.

Where the Soviet model is pertinent is in the rapidity of the change. As late as 1988 it was probably still unthinkable to most citizens of the Warsaw Pact that the whole thing would unravel. But once it began, it happened with breathtaking speed. Event-driven changes usually do. I think this kind of rapid devolution could happen in a matter of months once the tipping point is reached. And I think the most likely tipping point will be that the federal government vastly overreaches when the funding crisis happens. They will try to impose some massive new tax or confiscate property. They will panic and do something stupid. There has already been mild talk in the last year of seizing 401k and IRA accounts and forcing their holders into a government retirement plan based on Treasuries. That such an idea could even be vocalized proves that there is no limit to Washingtonian hubris and stupidity.

There is still one way out for the feds though. A big scary cold war could get them through this. I’m sure there are at least a few politicians who are secretly hoping for a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

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