Blacks continue to enrich American culture

Buck forwards this e-mail which he received:

I was watching the LSU Tigers / Florida Gators game today and heard that crazy name “Barkevious” again or at least that’s what it sounded like. So I have gone over the rosters of the two teams and came up with the following—remember these are only two of all the SEC squads!

Florida Gators:

Quinteze Williams
Jessaman Dunker
Sharrif Floyd
Jelani Jenkins
Neiron Ball
Latroy Pittman
Jaylen Watkens
Loucheiz Purifoy
Omarius Hines (I heard the announcers call his name a lot)
De’Ante Saunders (I have NO idea how to pronounce this)
Rhaheim Ledbetter
Lerentee McCray

LSU Tigers:

A’Trey-U Jones (I’m not kidding—it’s on the official roster!!—this is just nuts!
Kwon Alexander
Tre’ Sullivan (perhaps the apostrophe is in place of a “y” or something)
Devante Meullion
Tabari Williams
Jerqwinick Sandolph (no one could make this one up!) [LA replies: someone did.]
Kavahra Holmes (this one either)
Barkevious Mingo (may be my all-time favorite—so I DID hear the announcers right!)
La’el Collins (I think from the planet Vulcan)
Jermauria Rasco (another one you can’t make up)
Tahj Jones
Kadron Boone
Travin Dural

LA writes:

These are of course not the entire team rosters. The other players have normal names. Here is the roster for the Florida Gators. Here is the roster for the LSU Tigers. Both rosters are very large, far larger than I would have thought a college football team would be, but the freaky black names on the above lists are all there, scattered among them.

- end of initial entry -

Mark Eugenikos writes:

The unbelievable names of black players have already made it into comedy. Here is a sketch by two black comedians (well, half-black; both have white mothers) Key and Peele, on the East/West College Bowl. Make sure you’re not eating or drinking anything while watching.

The same duo has many other sketches. There is lots of rough language, but not in the video I linked. I wonder if they ever think of the issues that another black comedian, Dave Chappelle, encountered, i.e. that their white audiences are not laughing with them but at them, and at the peculiarities of black culture that they represent.

Robert P. writes:

You wrote: “These are of course not the entire team rosters. The other players have normal names.”

And some of the other players will keep up the team’s GPA and graduate.

Paul Kersey writes:

In the 2012 Gator Bowl between Florida and the (very white) Ohio State team, the black players made racially derisive comments to the white players of Ohio State. Crazy when you think that UF is a school that is majority white (and once was segregated).

Under coach Urban Meyer, the University of Florida became infamous for having a number of these hilariously named black athletes getting in trouble with the law. He resigned in 2010 and then took the Ohio State job in 2012. During recruiting for Ohio State, he actually told black recruits not to go to UF because they had “character” issues—these were all the black athletes he recruited that he was talking about having “character” issues!

The sole reason black dysfunction in America is tolerated is because white people believe that black athletes are the only legitimate athlete necessary to field a winning team. And because sports are—sadly—such a vital part of people’s lives (with millions deriving their identity from their favorite team/alma mater and their personal well-being from how the team plays on Saturday/Sunday), the continued toleration of black dysfunction will be tolerated … as long as State U wins on Saturday.

See my article, “Ban College Sports for Five Years, Save America.”

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