Further update, with hopeful ending

The story of yesterday was left incomplete, but I had no energy then to write it. Maybe I have it now. When Bjorn and Michelle left at 4 p.m. I reverted to a bad state, an overwhelmingly multiple bad state: various pains due to the nerve block failing to take effect yet, and also due to the adivan whose effect had not fully kicked in, so I took a second adivan which a nurse had told us was ok, and then it did take effect in the form of extreme weakness so that it was almost impossible for me to stand up but the pain was also lessened. Then a new problem which had begun Wednesday morning and continued through Thursday. My throat hurt when I swallowed and there was a persistent pain all the way down my esophagus which spread to the chest. It became even more painful than the gut pain. In fact I had been so troubled by it on Wednesday morning that we called 911 and two EMS personnel came to the house and said that since I could speak the problem was not bad enough for them or the hospital to treat. It nevertheless persisted and I regularly coughed up thick phlegm from my stomach.

All Thursday night, with the extra adivan taking effect, I was able to rest, but at the same time the extreme weakness from the adivan became increasingly like torture.

I said to myself: if the weakness continues, and I still have some gut pain, that means the adivan is active, but the nerve block is not; but if the extreme weakness ends and the gut pain also ends, that means the effect of the adivan is ending and the nerve block is taking effect. This morning there are some hopeful signs that the latter is happening. Let’s hope that the improvement continues.

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