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Here is a small but promising sign of life, a blog called Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE). Its position is that Islam and democracy are incompatible, and that Islam must be treated as a political party with a dangerous agenda and banned on that basis. Unfortunately, SIOE is completely silent about Muslim immigration and the need to stop and reverse it. But if Islam were banned in Europe, there would be no need for such restrictions, because Muslims would leave Europe and stop coming. At least, I assume that that’s SIOE’s idea; they don’t spell it out. Also questionable is their statement, “SIOE condemns racism as the lowest form of human stupidity, but considers Islamophobia to be the height of common sense.” I take this to mean that given their radical anti-Islam position, they feel it necessary to make clear that they are not opposing Muslims for their race and ethnicity, but only for their religion. While I don’t like the politically correct language, I give them a pass on it. Also, SIOE does not seem to be defending European culture and civilization as such from Islam, but only liberal democracy. I give them a pass on that too. SIOE’s treatment of the Islam problem is not perfect, but is still miles beyond that of any mainstream opinion-maker.

Why go on wasting one’s time reading talented, passionate columnists who keep repeating the same anguished cries about the Islamization of Europe but have no solution—and whose real message is thus one of despair? SOIE may be insignificant at present, but by its existence it tells us that in the corners of society, at the blogs, there are people who see the threat and have ideas of what to do about it.

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James P. writes:

You’re right that the SIOE blog looks promising. If this site is brand new then it might be influenced in the direction of immigration restriction if enough like-minded commenters pursued this line of thought. I just commented on an entry about paying illegal immigrants to leave Europe, saying that while this was a good idea, an even better one would to stop all further immigration, period.

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