No exit for the white race?

Buck writes:

More whites are alive right now than have lived and died since the beginning of man, yet they are a shrinking ten percent of the world’s population and are responsible for nearly every good known to the modern world.

The white race is descending ever deeper into something worse than a traumatic bonding syndrome, especially with regard to blacks. It’s worse because there is no hope of escape for whites, as there is for captives who could be released to go back home. The more whites are humiliated, savaged, threatened, and intimidated, the deeper into their pathology they go and the nearer to extinction.

What is the very thing that whites are universally pilloried for? Our civilizational superiority and our use of the resulting power. We’ve relinquished that power. We’re now sharing and rapidly defusing it. We’re giving it away in a fit of guilt, fear, and self-loathing.

Like a battered wife we believe that there is no safe place to escape to, and that belief, or knowledge, has infected our minds. We won’t fight back because we’re not prepared to kill or to die. We’re haunted with the feeling that we have done something terribly wrong.

It’s a sick psychology that has taken over the white race—a fatal defect that few men saw coming and warned of. Whites have been psychologically captured and we have bonded with our captors. Even if they “release” us, we have no place to go. This is it, and there is nothing that whites will do about it.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 27, 2012 09:41 AM | Send

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