The conservatism of Buckley is become the conservatism of our Goldberg, and of his Derb

Sage McLaughlin writes:

In the last 24 hours, some creature named Greg Pollowitz over at NRO’s Media Blog, has posted approving links to two videos. The first is one of Stephen Colbert convincing a U.S. Congressman to surrender his dignity and funnel a beer. The second is of a semi-denuded Britney Spears talking about the ways in which the country would be different if she were president (clipped from a recent episode of David Letterman, naturally).

From God and Man at Yale to frat party tricks and semi-naked, drug-addled starlets. It’s really impressive to watch them holding the line over there, standing athwart history, and what-not.

LA replies:

Link, link, oh, link!

(paraphrased from Hamlet, Act I, “List, list, O list!” [listen].

Sage McLaughlin replies:

Ha-ha. Here you go:

Here and here.

LA replies:

It’s looks like an expansion of the Animal House conservatism that has characterized that site for years.

For examples of what I’m talking about, see Why Jonah Goldberg is the Animal House conservative.

Jacob M. writes:

By the way, in the “decline of the Derb” department, John Derbyshire is now a fan of Roissy (“addicted,” in his words) and, surprise surprise, thinks he’s “conservative”. See his March 2009 NRO diary; specifically the section entitled “The zeitgeist sitcom.” Derbyshire doesn’t refer to the blog by name but tells the reader how to find its source through Google.

LA replies:

It’s written like an adolescent getting away with reading a dirty magazine. But that’s typical for Derbyshire.

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