The Hegelian mambo in action

The left denigrates an America that is itself largely a creation of the left, believing (or at least pretending to believe) that this leftist-created America is really “conservative.” In reaction to the leftist denigration of America, conservatives celebrate this same America that is largely a creation of the left, also believing this leftist-created America to be “conservative.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 16, 2003 02:59 PM | Send

Well—here’s another take…

Howie Dean’s Vermont is really Dwight Eisenhower’s America, isn’t it?

No minorities, no immigrants, and no cities—a true enclave where the cafe society Lefties can hang out.

What IS it about this country that some jumped-up, over-privileged, upper Eastside hyper-phony can masquerade as a populist for all the victim groups? Maybe it has something to do with the Left being able to keep most of the minorities on the plantation—for their own benefit.

Only—these minorities are a lot more stupid now, than they were 150 years ago. I don’t think too many slaves would have identified with their master.

Hey—at least the Blacks are getting some goodies from the Feds.

But, why oh why are the Jews buying into this?

Posted by: Michael D. Shaw on December 16, 2003 6:27 PM

Perhaps the left is acting out of an ingrained habit, initially caused by their realization that the great majority of people did not share their weird, and still weird, views. In addition, they still know that on some issues most Americans still disagree with them; and like most people, they are never satisfied. Which is why their views must be challenged over and over again until they say “whatever,” which means I am tired of arguing, of fighting.

Posted by: P Murgos on December 17, 2003 8:47 AM

Imagine how a traditionalist TV-network could rock the status quo here. Consider a cop show set in a mythical city, county, or state divided as Belgium is divided whereby handsome, charismatic actors from both sides of the divide celebrate their division yet cooperate in solving crimes every week. Consider a fictional show called “Border Patrol” where every week people are brought face to face with the harm illegal immigration is causing and with the people causing the harm, such as, George Bush. Have the actors routinely ridicule George Bush and Tom Ridge as the leaders of the problem. And guess what, no equal time until 50 years of propaganda has been neutralized. A failure to fight a pervasive liberal media without a traditionalist media is like trying to fight a nuclear war with discussion groups. The war must be fought at every level of the media from sitcoms to advertising, music television, history channels, documentaries, and TV news. And again, never any equal time except to illustrate how stupid the other view is. The only allowable criticism should be from staunch traditionalists.

Invite George Bush to speak directly to the audience (to avoid claims of Soviet style censorship) but show on split screen traditionalists in their homes and bars ridiculing what he says. I don’t think George would want to appear very much.

Posted by: P Murgos on December 17, 2003 1:31 PM
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