Costas uses halftime to lecture nation on gun control

Writing at, Adam Taxin (who has occasionally commented at VFR) pulls no punches regarding who has historically advocated gun control and which is by far the most violent group in America:

During halftime of last night’s close Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles game, NBC’s Bob Costas exploited the Saturday murder by / suicide of Kansas City chiefs linebacker Javon Belcher to present a lame argument for so-called “gun control.”

In doing so, Costas not only showed considerable common ground with politicians like, e.g., Michael Bloomberg and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but also with totalitarian dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Mao Zedong, Robert Mugabe, Kim Jong-Il and Idi Amin, among others. All of the aforementioned are or were enthusiastic advocates of so-called “gun control.”

To set up his propaganda in weaselly fashion, Costas first created then cut down a straw man in the form of “those who need tragedies to continually recalibrate their sense of perspective about sports [and who] have little hope of ever truly achieving perspective.”

Costas then generously offered “some actual perspective” in the form of black, leftist “Kansas City-based writer Jason Whitlock.” (Needless to say, Costas’s sense of “perspective” had absolutely nothing to offer about the mega-disproportionately high comparative rates of violence committed by—and, consequentially, against—black Americans. Both Belcher and his baby mama/girlfriend whom he murdered, Kasandra Perkins, are black.) [cont.]

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Nick D. writes:

The black “writer,” Jason Whitlock, has often complained about the negative influence of hip-hop culture—which celebrates gun violence and encourages black males to treat their females like chattel—yet manages to overlook the obvious connection in this case. Instead he blames the inanimate object, the gun. In Whitlock’s fatted mind, the white man is ultimately to blame, since Whitey invented the firearm, and Whitey’s grandsons drafted the Bill of Rights which recognized the right of free men to keep and bear arms. Whitey had surely known his society would later, as a cruel joke, include blacks as free equals, who would also exercise their right to bear arms, even though they lacked the individual and collective ability to do so responsibly. Ergo, Whitey killed two blacks this weekend, as if inventing AIDS and Sickle Cell Anemia, and stealing Rock ‘n’ Roll, just wasn’t enough to keep the black man down.

That Costas would quote Whitlock as an expert in anything shows Costas to be the even bigger idiot. If you get the chance, try to read Whitlock’s 6th-grade-level “writing.” Overall, I’m glad Costas did this, as the counter-reaction was much greater than any agreement he could have hoped for.

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