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In reply to my update today on the Hilary Rosen controversy, Laura Wood writes:

Feminists hysterically push the idea that there are not enough women in science and not enough women in computer programming and not enough women in executive positions and not enough women in politics.

Do you ever hear a single Republican or mainstream conservative say, “There shouldn’t be more women in science, computer programming or executive positions. Women have more important things to do?” Never. At the most Republicans will object on libertarian grounds.

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Jared writes:

Not being too far removed from the farce known as college, I can tell you that women as a whole simply do not want positions in computer programming, science, or engineering. I attended many classes in the engineering school at the university I attended. The male to female ratio was at least 20 to 1. That’s no exaggeration. The majority of females studied fashion, marketing, liberal arts, nursing, etc. True feminists are a fringe sect within the female population, but our media outlets and the land of academia lend them top credibility. This is why they are heard. This is how some of their positions affect many women and society in general.

Even as American society continues to embed feminist propaganda into the psyche of our women, it is clear that the natural tendency is for women to realize they do not want to work in favor of raising their kids. You would be surprised how many employers grant women the luxury of working from home indefinitely once they have kids. Advances in technology allow this to happen more frequently, but it’s rarely talked about. They are still categorized as working women, but different rules apply to them.

I know quite a few women that already plan to stop working after they have kids. A lot of women innately feel this, but there’s a stigma that comes with it during these times. That’s what confuses women. In many cases, they feel forced to continue working, whether it be for the extra money or to spare themselves the mockery that comes with being “old fashioned.”

Feminism has done serious damage in countless ways. For all the women that don’t really want to be workaholics, there are plenty that are indoctrinated deeply enough to choose careers over spending time with their kids or having any at all. I work for a company that is essentially led by five women who don’t know the first thing about leading anyone or anything (thankfully the all-male middle-tier managers do). There are lots of women executives in the corporate world today because those positions are spread over many industries. The number of women in politics, science, and programming is not likely to grow, only because women tend not to desire those positions. Feminists don’t even understand the group of people they speak for. Yet the ideas of feminism are carefully deployed in our very liberal society, and they control the society. Those who challenge them have no forum and are dismissed immediately as being born 100 years too late.

Laura Wood writes:

Jared writes:

The number of women in politics, science, and programming is not likely to grow, only because women tend not to desire those positions.

Women will never be as represented as men in these fields, but the number of women is likely to grow. You can read here what one college did to its computer science programs to attract women. (They dumbed them down.) Ever since the Lawrence Summers affair, universities are determined to hire more and more women in math and science. In order to reach their quotas, they will hire women with Ph.D’s in math education for positions that would otherwise go to theoretical mathematicians. These affirmative action hires still represent a minority, but their presence is deeply corrupting.

In the final analysis, however, the feminist campaign is not about the pursuit of equality. It’s about cultural suicide. It’s about the death of a people and their metaphysical cause. A culture that believes in itself, that wants to perpetuate its vision and its dream, does not divert women from the task of forming the next generation. Wherever there is the will to live, there are no Mommy Wars.

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