Sweden still in the forefront of progress toward complete human equality

Mark Richardson writes at Oz Conservative:

The Left Party in Sörmland in Sweden wants the County Council to provide only unisex toilets and, eventually, to forbid men from urinating while standing up (here and here).

It’s being presented to the public as a health and hygiene issue, but in the past these kinds of policies have been justified as an attempt to break down the “gender binary”—the traditional notion that a person is born either man or woman.

I’m not going to dwell on this, but I do think it shows just where the Swedish left is at. They are so keen to break down sex distinctions that they want not only unisex toilets but androgynous bathroom habits as well.

LA replies:

Let us remember that Sweden is the country that American liberals have always most admired and wanted us to emulate, so that we will stop being so backward.

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Patrick H. writes:

Wow! We men have been the targets of incessant abuse for Crimes Of The Penis…but this is the first time I’ve heard us being taken to task for peeing standing up.

Of course, as Camille Paglia once said, women envy us our ability to do things like step out onto the shoulder of the highway to get some quick relief on a long car trip, or to write our initials into a snow bank (in cursive!) with a single continuous, well-aimed stream. I suspect feminist envy over that last bit is behind all of this nonsense. Mark my words, before long we won’t just be forbidden to stand up to pee in toilets; eventually it will be forbidden to stand up to pee in public too.

LA replies:

Freudian reductionist that she is, she basically said that all of Western civilization is an expression of the male ability to send that arc of urine through space. She doesn’t believe in God, but she does believe in the transcendent symbolism of that arc of urine. Another example of how people who deny higher truth must find transcendence in something … even in piss.

However, I don’t mean my criticism of Paglia to distract from the main point of this entry. Paglia recognizes the differences between men and women and would scorn the enforced equality going on in Sweden.

N. writes:

It used to be liberals demanded that government stay out of people’s bedrooms, but now want to tell us how to use the bathroom.

This deserves nothing but scorn and laughter. What shall we call the enforcers, the “pee police”? Or something more ribald than that?

June 15

Buck writes:

I keep saying, and I stand by it, that if something like this—demanding that men sit like women—gets into the academic/feminist vernacular, that it will make it’s way into public policy. I can’t recall where, but I remember reading about this decades ago. Here’s a reference that has language similar to what I remember reading: “To stand is considered to be the height of vulgarity and suggestive of violence; in brief it is a nasty macho gesture.” I remember phrases like “male dominance” and “a masculine display of power over women.” They’re not simply talking about the unsanitary aspects. They want urinals removed too, simply because women can’t use them. They want men to fully submit by sitting like a female.

For anyone interested, here is the wikipedia link to Islamic toilet etiquette.

Remember Larry Craig’s “wide stance” problem? O Allah!

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