Man who invaded congressman’s home arrested

The arrest of David Dewberry (see earlier VFR item about him) is reported by KMBC. The story also has new details on the violent incident in Rep. Leonard Boswell’s home in rural Iowa.

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—A metro man [LA replies: “A metro man”? What does that mean? A man who resides in metropolitan Kansas City?] was arrested in connection with a home invasion at an Iowa congressman’s home.

KMBC’s Jana Corrie reported that David Dewberry, 20, was taken into custody Tuesday night in Independence. Authorities said Dewberry is the second man wanted in connection with a break-in Saturday night at U.S. Rep. Leonard Boswell’s home near Lamoni, Iowa.

Investigators said Dewberry was wearing a ski mask and used a BB gun that looked like a real gun during the break-in.

The congressman’s wife, Dody Boswell, said when the intruder first burst into the home, he grabbed their daughter and demanded money.

“Cindy’s screaming. Leonard comes running. First, he goes into the bedroom, then he comes running in here. He runs down there and the three of them scuffle. I lean over that and I say, ‘What are you doing here? What’s going on?’ And he comes running up to me. He puts the gun on my neck. Now, what made me do it, I don’t know. I would never have dreamed I’d do it. I took my left hand, I rubbed his cheek and I said, ’ You don’t need to do this. You really don’t need to do this,’” said Dody Boswell.

Leonard Boswell said his 22-year-old grandson loaded a shotgun and threatened the intruder, who took off running.

Police said they took a 19-year-old man into custody in Iowa in connection with the case.

Corrie reported that investigators said they don’t believe the men thought the congressman would not be home at the time.

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