Blundering Boehner lets MSM cast him as the problem in the Obama birth issue

It’s the same old thing, the Evil Party and the Stupid Party. Republican politicians tend to be businessman types. They may be decent, reasonably intelligent people, but they lack the smarts to cope with an ideologically loaded, leftist-controlled environment. Look at Speaker Boehner allowing himself to be beat up by David Gregory on Meet the Press. Here’s the essence of the exchange:

Boehner: “I think that Obama was born in the United States and that he’s a Christian. It’s not my job to tell the American people what to think.”

Gregory: “But then aren’t you sitting by and allowing your party to spread hateful stereotypes about Obama?”

Boehner: “I’ve said what I think about it. It’s not my job to tell other people what to think.”

It was pathetic. But that raises the question, how should Boehner have responded when the media set about making him somehow responsible for the birth issue and for the fact that people think Obama is a Muslim? More on that later.

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Rob S. writes:

I suggest that Boehner should say:

“President Obama created this issue and he’s the only person who can stop it. He created the issue by refusing consistently, for years, to release his birth records. Because he has done that, it’s inevitable that people will wonder why he is concealing the records. It’s inevitable that people will wonder where and when he was born. Nobody except the president can stop people from wondering about these things. Only he has the power to put the matter to rest.”

LA replies:

That’s good. That’s just what I would have said, if my brain hadn’t stalled out when I posted the entry.

LA writes:

In a follow-up entry, I expand on Rob S.’s suggestion.

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