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Have any of the war supporters who keep telling us that if we withdraw from Iraq there will be a blood bath ever once acknowledged that two million people including a half-million Christians have already fled Iraq out of fear for their lives, and that another two million people have become internal refugees inside Iraq for the same reason? No. Instead, the neoconservatives sweep away every specific horror resulting from their and Bush’s mistakes with the slogan that “There are always mistakes in wars,” which is the moral equivalent of saying, “Don’t blame me. I just work here. No one’s perfect!” Nothing better demonstrates their unfitness for any position of influence in our polity. This is all the more the case when the mistakes they wave off have resulted in the uprooting of millions of people, including the Christians who lived in relative safety under Saddam Hussein.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just generic mistakes that were made here. It wasn’t just a tactical detail or a strategic direction that was wrong here. It was the very premise underlying the whole operation that was wrong here: the belief that Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people like ourselves, who, when liberated from tyranny, will behave in a peaceful and tolerant way. That’s not the way it’s worked out, is it? There is no future in Iraq for the Christian community that has existed there for almost 2,000 years, and this is because, in the act of liberating Muslims from tyranny, we liberated their violence and intolerance as well. Meaning, we liberated Islam.

When a neocon is willing to admit these realities, and not just say that tactical or strategic mistakes were made, then he will be worth listening to.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 20, 2007 05:05 PM | Send

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