Here’s an article at American Thinker I agree with: a take-down of Steve Schmidt, McCain’s campaign manager and smearer of Sarah Palin, written by Matthew May. Especially worthwhile is May’s list of things the McCain people did to hand the election to the Democrats, including this:

… Schmidt and McCain totally bought in to the multicultural hogwash that dictates any legitimate criticism of a person because they may happen to be sort of a minority totally out of bounds.

However, may I point out that describing multiculturalism as “hogwash,” as ridiculous nonsense, is not helpful, given that multiculturalism is a belief system that now controls our world? It was precisely this “hogwash,” as May calls it, that caused the military to harbor within its bosom an outspoken jihadist until he mass murdered American soldiers. And it is the same “hogwash” that subsequently led the entire mainstream media to deny that the Islamic mass murderer was motivated by Islamic teachings, a denial that renders the country blind and helpless before its declared enemies. And it is the same “hogwash” that led the Army’s top officer to declare that even if the mass murderer was motivated by Islam, it would have been wrong to apprehend him beforehand, since that would have damaged the Army’s “diversity,” which would have been a greater tragedy than the mass murder? To see this multicultural belief as mere hogwash, as something not to be taken seriously, leaves conservatives helpless before the multicultural belief that leaves America helpless before Islam.

And why do conservatives call multiculturalism “hogwash” and political correctness “silly”? Because multiculturalism and political correctness are really liberalism, and to say that multiculturalism and political correctness are not just absurd follies but deadly serious threats that must be opposed at all costs, would be to say that liberalism as such is a deadly serious threat that must be opposed at all costs. But conservatives are not willing to oppose liberalism as such, because they share the central liberal belief that discrimination is the greatest sin and must be opposed at all costs. So they keep shadowboxing with “silly” PC and “silly” multiculturalism, while liberalism, the ideology that dooms us, keeps advancing.

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