Weiner replying to an earlier question

See Rep. Weiner’s powerful response to an ABC reporter last week. He makes very intelligent and plausible points about what he calls the reporter’s “outrageous” loaded question, but then, toward the end of the segment, he tells what we now know were huge lies. I had never before seen Weiner’s intelligent side, only his vicious-ferret side. I’m impressed. If Republicans had Weiner’s ability to shoot down with logical argument reporters’ loaded questions, we would have a different and much better politics in this country. This interview of Weiner, or rather this merciless grilling of the reporter by Weiner, makes me think that Weiner believed, given his smarts, that he could bull his way out of the jam in which he had put himself. But of course he couldn’t.

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Hannon writes:

Your observations on Weiner reminded me that I saw him, purely by chance, on C-SPAN several months ago and I was also impressed by his energy and intelligence. Even if I do not agree with much he believes in, it is good to see a politician carrying on like an adult who might be capable of helping his constituents should they face real duress.

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