Obama at town hall

Jim B. writes:

Here is a video of Obama getting a less than friendly question at a town hall meeting in Belgrade, Montana. He appears unnerved, even frightened. Starting at :04 seconds into the question the microphone Obama is holding starts to shake. That’s when the questioner identifies himself as someone who sells individual health insurance policies. While the questioner continues, Obama quickly turns and moves away to get a drink. I think the move was to mask his nervous response. And I think the man who is asking the question notices the body language (at least unconsciously) and inserts a forced laugh to put Obama at ease.

Listen too to how Obama was going to patronize the man by saying in a joking tone that it’s OK to be in the business of selling health insurance while hoping to get the audience to respond with an approving chuckle, but quickly senses he shouldn’t. Obama stops his mocking response in its tracks and ends up unable to articulate anything for a few seconds.

And after the drink as Obama continues to listen to the insurance agent, the microphone keeps shaking side to side while Obama’s head is nodding up and down. Since both those motions are orthogonal, the head nodding should not have caused or amplified the microphone shaking side to side.

LA replies:

Obama’s a human being, he can have his tired or nervous or awkward moments like anyone else. You’re suggesting that because he seemed nervous, he was fundamentally unnerved by this questioner. My question is, how can Obama not be fundamentally unnerved by everything he’s doing and saying? The only answer can be that he does not care what he does to America. He wants to push America into a massively centralized condition and he doesn’t care about the effects, and he doesn’t care about the huge lies he has to tell to get us there. If all the massive lies and the damage he’s doing to the country don’t unnerve him, why should this one questioner?

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