Beheading: no longer just a Muslim thing

The Greyhound beheader in Manitoba, Canada last July, a recent Chinese immigrant named Vince Weiguang Li, is (apparently) not a Muslim (though the Chinese American press gave strong indications that he is), and Eric Fernandez Cruz, the recent Filipino immigrant who beheaded Patrick McGree in Manchester, England last December, is apparently not a Muslim. And now we have another non-Muslim (and also non-immigrant) beheading, in California:

Police Looking Into Motive Behind Ax Murder

Santa Maria, CA—Friends and co-workers of the suspect, who is accused of cutting off a man’s head with an ax, say he loved skateboarding and attending Bible study classes.

20-year-old Nicholas Bendle is facing murder charges.

Santa Maria Police are still investigating the murder of 69-year-old Frederick Holgate’s.

Saturday morning, just after 5:30 police responded to what they thought was a hit and run. When they arrived, they found the elderly man’s body decapitated on the sidewalk. And the murder weapon was just feet way.

Authorities say, Bendle used an ax to brutally dismember the man, who took early morning walks.

According to police, a few hours after the crime Bendle’s mother called police to say her son came home covered in blood.

Bendle was arrested, news that stuns people who know him..

Now authorities are looking into a motive or if the two men knew each other.

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