Hollande to White Catholic France: Drop Dead.

This is reported at Galliawatch:

A journalist with the melodious name of Anna Cabana, who writes for Le Point, revealed on January 14, the day after the Manif pour Tous that for the François Hollande, the million or more Frenchmen who demonstrated [against homosexual “marriage”] would not interrupt his plans to pass the new law. Why? Because they were “essentially white and Catholic.” Here are her words:

François Hollande stands tall in his boots. I am deliberately using the expression Alain Juppé used in 1995. Hollande tall in his boots. Who would have thought? He was the man who sought easy consensus, who always wanted everybody to reach an agreement, the man who couldn’t say no. Today, he reveals himself as a different person. In the days leading up to the demonstration, he was already displaying firmness saying that the street does not make the law. And now that the demonstration has taken place, the Elysée advisers are officially playing it down. One of them told me: “There were people, of course, but it wasn’t a tidal wave. It was essentially white Catholic France in the street. That will not interrupt the passing of the bill.” Unless I’m mistaken this sounds like a refusal.

Of course. Hollande may compromise on other issues. But for the liberal left, homosexual “marriage” is a sacred cause.

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Ed H. writes:

France has been Catholic for 1,300 years. Every town, every school, every street, has been shaped by Christianity. Now Christianity is being treated by the liberals as an alien force of no consideration. Isn’t it time to realize we are at war with something truly demonic, and not just a set of s differing political opinions?

LA replies:

Well, this is not new. The French Revolution declared a war of extermination on Christianity and the Church.

Alex B. writes:

“It was essentially white Catholic France in the street. That will not interrupt the passing of the bill.”

It’s not just that sodomarriage is a sacred cause for the left. What the Hollande adviser is implicitly saying here is that no demands of white Catholic France can be valid, because white Catholic France is responsible for all the crimes of the racist, colonialist, gay-discriminating hell on earth, i.e. all French history before noon today. White Catholic France has no right to demand anything. Its only proper role is to atone for its crimes against non-discrimination, which are now judged not just the most grievious crimes of all but the only crimes that matter.

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