Black multiple rapist of white women claims, as his defense, that he did it to get vengeance on whites

I’ve said it many times, in a variety of ways, and I’ll say it again:

Liberalism = the belief in the total equality and functional sameness of all human groups => undeserved white guilt for nonwhites’ inability to perform equally with whites + the systematic removal by whites of all traditional boundaries and protections between whites and nonwhites, especially blacks + the favored treatment of and the prohibition of all negative judgments about nonwhites, especially blacks => inter alia, the ongoing rape of white women by black men + the total non-recognition by whites of the ongoing rape of white women by black men and of the role of liberalism in allowing it to happen + pariah status for anyone who does publicly recognize these things.

Does my saying the above mean that all or most or a large minority of blacks are rapists of white women? No. Does it mean that I hate black people? No. Does it mean that I intend harm to black people and that I would side with any statement, even if it were false, and any action, even if it were wicked, against black people? No. It simply means that I recognize certain palpable facts about our world, and that I think that white people as a whole need to recognize these facts and change their beliefs and their behavior accordingly, and that when they do, the fatal causal chain summarized by me above will cease to operate.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 26, 2010 01:36 PM | Send

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