All My Sons

Paul Kersey couldn’t find crime statistics for Sanford, Florida, so he looked at the Sanford Police Department website and found some interesting pictures. The results? Almost all of the criminals in this 30 percent black city look like Barack Obama’s “son,” Trayvon Martin.

By the way, if liberal fascism ever reaches the point in this country where we cannot speak of black criminals as “black” because that would be racist (wait—liberal fascism already has reached that point), then we can follow Kersey’s lead and say that the criminals “look the way Barack Obama’s son would look if he had a son.” How can liberals consider such a statement to be racist, or even racial? After all, they staunchly deny that Obama himself was being racial when he said it. He was just trying to express his human feelings about the tragic death of a young man. He was speaking in terms of family, not in terms of race.

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Chuck Rudd of Gucchi Little Piggy writes:

About Paul Kersey’s search for Sanford crime stats, I found some simple statistics on the City Data website. Take a look at the graphic on that site; pretty illuminating. The overall crime index in Sanford is 2.3 times higher than the national average, and Sanford itself is part of the Orlando metro area which was deemed the third most crime-ridden city in the U.S.

In the same post of mine that I’m linking to, I make a case for why Zimmerman didn’t use the pejorative “coon” to describe Martin. The mainstream media hasn’t used any sort of parsimony to analyze this. At worst, they just accept as fact that Zimmerman said that; at best they just let it dangle there like a slab of meat over the heads of passive media consumers.

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